Year 8 and 9 proudly present Bestest World!, a stunning new Musical Show. Set your smartphones to virtual reality and be prepared to witness a high octane performance of music, acting, choreography, singing and dance. The future of our planet might be in the balance, but a dystopian world cannot contain this younger generation of eco-warriors from confronting the big issues with energy, heart and soul! Rock Up, Get Down and Boogie your way through 8 electrified and original songs. The future might be rosier than you think or darker than you thought, but nothing is going to stop you from walking out of this show whistling your new favourite catchiest song, this side of Sydney.

The Bestest World Protest Musical was awesome, and while Kindlehill has such a strong performing arts focus, so that many of our students are readily able to excel in such events, it is also good to keep in mind that every student takes part in these performances and much goes on behind the scenes. The talented and experienced students get to really hone their talents and skills, mentored by truly gifted teaching/directors, and they also have to really carry the show in regard to grounding it in supportive teamwork. Other students for whom this might be their first or second show have to find immense courage and commitment to put themselves out there in front of an audience, at a time in their lives when many teenagers are seeking a kind of invisibility or conformity to what they perceive is okay with their peers. It truly was the Bestest Musical! And it was serendipitously on the eve of the Student Strike for Climate Change which made it sharp, pointedly relevant. Congratulations to the students in year 8/9 and to Rowley, Eliza and Georgia for their direction.


Our focus last term was Devising Theatre and Script Writing. This unit of work was run in conjunction with Music, to create an original musical for rehearsal and performance in Term 3.

The unit took place in two phases. We began with The Political Circus as our starting point, and our focus for the first 5 weeks of term was exploration – finding different ways to approach this concept in order to create a world that could be wrapped around the protest songs being written concurrently in Music. Each lesson we investigated a new angle – generating material, distilling ideas and creating possible worlds that could support the songs. 

After much consideration, Rowley and I settled on the idea we thought could work in relationship with the songs and be feasible to construct a script by the end of term, and we brought this to the students for discussion. That’s where things got interesting… the students were almost unanimously settled on another, darker and more complex idea. Tackling this one was only going to be possible if everyone stepped up and really worked both in class and between lessons. The students passion for the idea and willingness to do the work to make it happen were admirable, and they have come through in spades! In 4 weeks, we have devised and scripted 9 complex, interesting and challenging scenes and crafted a narrative that packs one hell of a punch!

I have been thrilled with the work that was put in. Everyone stepped up and delivered. There were a few slips with homework, but overall input was excellent and more than one dropped the clutch and worked harder than I’ve seen them work before.

So, now we have a script. And this coming term, it will be rehearsed, bringing two worlds to life – a colourful and lively Utopia, and its dark and dystopian underside.   
Georgia (Drama Teacher)

Theseus And The Minotaur


I am very proud to have collaborated with year 9 and 10, developing their music composition skills, confidence and fostering a new appreciation for musical theatre. The idea to do a Musical was encouraged by the students and the ancient myth Theseus and the Minotaur proved a superb dramatic vehicle in which to develop the songs. Exploring the ancient Minotaur myth with a modern musical approach was a bold move. Each and every student bravely offered their unique ideas and talents. The result..a singing, acting and dancing bull, supported by a delightful cast, a host of catchy songs; we believe it is a new legend in the making. 

A heartfelt thank you to all the students for their dedication, perseverance and their commitment to each other to develop a truly musical ensemble.   



Welcome to the labyrinth, and Kindlehill’s original musical, Theseus and the Minotaur.

Our young hero heads out into the world alone, seeking identity, connection and little bit of glory and excitement; his travels take him down a few dark alleys, see him making promises he might not be able to keep, and he ends up lost in a confusing maze out of which insight, friendship and compassion are the only guides. Gee, things really haven’t changed much through the ages, have they?

This quest has been a wonderful way to explore some very relevant themes for our students as they move into the final phase of their schooling. It is the second original musical that the school has produced under the very assured guidance of Music teacher Rowley Holmes and it has been an exciting and challenging process that has resulted in some incredible music and performances.  

Every student has stepped well out of their comfort zone and found themselves doing things they didn’t know they could at the beginning of this process. It’s been an absolute joy to watch them embrace these new capacities and spread their creative wings. They’ve managed the production process too, designing costume and creating props.

Huge thanks and congratulations to Rowley for the work he has done with the students, I’ve found myself walking down the street humming these tunes on more than one occasion and am sure you will too in the coming days. And bravo to our brave and talented students!

Georgia x


Year 7/8 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The 100 year old warehouse was an exciting venue for a sensational high school production of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream. An enthralled audience gave Puck and his merry band of actors, their hand and hearts……Thank you to Georgia and Rowley for this inspirational and somewhat whacky experience. Spells were cast. Amends made. Perfect for high school students!


Truth With Passion – Year 9/10 Monologues

The students wrote and performed original monologues after examining a number of famous speeches and protest songs. settling on a cause, issue, or experience that they wanted to give voice to.


Inspired by Tracy Champan’s song, Fast Car, Guinnie has looked at the experience of living with an alcoholic parent and has created a pieces with two voices: a daughter talking to her passed out father, and the addiction itself.


Nissa’s initial starting point was Alex the Astronaut’s song, Not Worth Hiding, and her piece became an exploration of what it might be like to be God, dealing with the myriad ideas and viewpoints people attach to religion. In this piece, God speaks to the angels.


Inspired by Shaun Tan’s book, The Arrival, Olivia has explored some of the experiences of refugees. This piece takes place in three phases and explores her character’s past, present and future. Olivia also wrote a beautiful song in response to this text.


Condemned to a lunchtime writing session, Justin put pen to paper and wrote like the wind, articulating and sharing his experience of growing up with ADHD.


Inspired by Lana Del Ray’s songs, Belle’s piece takes place in three phases and explores the childhood, adolescence and adulthood of one woman.

To read more please click the following link: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/4fd16fa15a7eac1a3e4e390cb/files/c416b251-0450-4cfb-a339-808bbc0acf7f/Drama_Zine.pdf


Tree Change by Guinnie and Nissa

Tree Change won the People’s Choice Award at the Blue Shorts Youth Competition.

High School Performance 2017