Thank you to all who joined us to celebrate our Winter’s Night with such warmth and a true sense of community.

As we came together at dusk down by the lake, there was a sense of excitement and anticipation as families chatted on their journey to our school on the hill. The hum soon quietened as we entered the Performance Space with the gentle calling of the didgeridoo, followed by the children singing with the High School choir and parent’s choir. Uncle Lex shared a song in the Darug language and the whole audience was captured. At times the mood was one of stillness and reverence, while in another there was a joyous call for the whole community to participate and rejoice the new sun. S’haila and John certainly had the whole audience filling the space with their Big Warm Hearts!

To follow this beautiful singing, a circle of commitment to the Uluru Statement of the Heart was created under the stars. Under a starry, smoky sky, Mai Lynn called in the ancestors with a call that I am sure was heard throughout the stars, Flinn accompanied her on the didgeridoo, while Uncle Lex lead a smoking ceremony. And all was still…

To end our evening, children collected their lanterns and journeyed back to the lake. We had arrived in darkness, but left with light on this magical Winter’s Night.

We would especially like to thank and acknowledge Mai Lynn, Flinn, Uncle Lex and parents who joined our choir for helping to make this night such a special one. Thank you to Miranda and her team of star lantern makers. How beautiful to have these stars to light our space. Thank you to Issi in year 8, who made the origami banksia candle at the centre of the spiral.

Autumn Fair-Connecting to Place

What an awesome Fair, beginning with a very heartfelt Welcome to Country by Aunty Carol and lovely musical items from our students. The wonderful performances by the students continued on under Steve G’s smooth coordination at the Music Tent. The Flying Fox was extremely popular and all of the activities led by parents brought a richness to the theme of connecting to nature and to community. The food was a gourmet treat and the coffee shop just gets better every year.

Thank you to Erica and her coordinators, especially to Rebecca, Wayne, Mai-Lynn and her foodie team, Gilo, Dylan, Kylie, Miranda, Amy, Trent and all of the parents who jumped in on the day to make it a fun and nourishing community day for all. Thank you to the Kindlehill staff and to the music tutors who bring in so much love and creativity to make this day a success. There were plenty of visitors, with enquiries for enrolments as well as people who come year after year just because they enjoy being part of the extended Kindlehill community.

In my opening speech I spoke of harmony arising out of making a circle and listening to one another, finding each other and working out how we can make something beautiful together that respects our individuality but serves the whole. I was speaking in the context of our once a week high school singing. Yet the Fair as a whole left me with an impression very much like this, of Harmony. This is a gift to our children and young people, a gift to our community and to our world.  

Kindlehill’s Autumn Fair – Connecting To Place, Saturday 23rd March 2019

Connecting to Place, with a very hands on feel, is the focus for the Autumn Fair which is coming up soon, Saturday 23rd March! Have you seen the beautiful wooden Australian animals that are being specially made for the craft stall? Activities at the Fair include whittling, nature based craft, a yarn up circle, a drumming circle and an obstacle course. We are hoping our exciting new play equipment will also be opened for the day including the flying fox! Aunty Carol will give a welcome followed by some lovely trademark Kindlehill singing from Primary and High School.


Kindlehill hosted it’s first ever Summer Soiree last Thursday. It was a great success and a wonderful way for the community to celebrate the primary school children’s achievements from throughout the year. Guests started the night by viewing colourful and detailed artwork, as well as exceptional examples of the children’s projects. Families also enjoyed looking back at photos and artwork from previous years at Kindlehill.

We then ventured into the performance space to be dazzled by the class 1-2 wild songs and fluent reading. Flowing on to the class 3-4 verses and the song “Grandmas’ feather bed”. Class 5-6 performed a haunting eurythmy piece and speeches based on women who have influenced the world.

We were then amazed by the hard work and talent from students performing musical solos, culminating with the musical ensemble. The music program at Kindlehill is vibrant and ever expanding, including more instruments and opportunities each year.

The finale included the choral piece “Flooding Rains” sung by the whole primary school. It was a joyous event that showcased the high standard of skills the children have developed in many fields over the past year. It was a wonderful way for the community to come together and acknowledge the hard work the students and teachers.

Click the links below to view some videos from the Soiree:


The Open Day had a wonderful festive feeling, a celebration of community with our children and young people at the heart of it. So many people helped to make the day a success. We welcomed many visitors as well as enjoying time together as a school community

Open Day September 15th 10am – 2pm

Bees best buddies and streaming into spring are the themes of this year’s Open Day. Aunty Carol will give a welcome to country at 10am followed by exciting performances in the hall by every class from primary to high school. Families will then be directed to experience the students work in the various classrooms where a few more impromptu performances await you. We want to make sure all parents who are busy helping with stalls have a chance to see the students work. Only after this, will the entertainment tent, activities, craft stall, café and food stalls  be open for business! Open Day will be hive of activity, where we will welcome many visitors and extended family members.

Spring Open Day 15th of September

Kindlehill has been a centre of growth and activity over the last year. Come and see what makes Kindlehill School such a special place. You can take a tour of the classrooms to chat with teachers and parents. There will be family friendly food, stalls, entertainment and activities for children. Kindlehill School heartily welcomes visitors to this special day. Kindlehill fairs are renowned as celebrations of the diverse and talented school community.




Winter’s Night By Candlelight

Oh the harmonising hum of Winter’s night. It was wonderful to have the school community gathered together. In this very special night, we take the time as a community to slow down, step out of the busyness of life and enter into a little bit of true winter magic – wonder, reverence, celebration and communal goodwill. We remember how nourishing it is to sing, to bring beauty into our lives, to gather together and feel our relationship with one another and with Mother Earth.

Friday Eve 22nd June, Winter’s Night

5:30pm CLASSROOMS BY CANDLE-LIGHT – start in kindy and journey through to high school, a quiet and reverent walk that will be a feast for the senses, a little bit of winter beauty in every room.

Once you have journeyed, gather outside the library and enjoy warming mead as we allow time for everyone to finish the walk.

6:30pm SINGING in the performance space. Songs from every class, the parent choir and whole school singing, finishing with a harmony hum.

LANTERN WALK to the LAKE – after the singing, children go to their classes to light lanterns. We gather as a whole school to walk to the lake, weather permitting.

HIGH SCHOOL ONLY (students and parents) – bonfire and lantern procession at school after the whole school lantern walk to the lake.


Winter’s Night Friday 22nd June 2018

A very special whole school evening event. Please click the link below to read Lynn’s thoughts on this special time.…/1be…/Winter_s_Night_2018.pdf