Winter’s Night By Candlelight

Oh the harmonising hum of Winter’s night. It was wonderful to have the school community gathered together. In this very special night, we take the time as a community to slow down, step out of the busyness of life and enter into a little bit of true winter magic – wonder, reverence, celebration and communal goodwill. We remember how nourishing it is to sing, to bring beauty into our lives, to gather together and feel our relationship with one another and with Mother Earth.

Friday Eve 22nd June, Winter’s Night

5:30pm CLASSROOMS BY CANDLE-LIGHT – start in kindy and journey through to high school, a quiet and reverent walk that will be a feast for the senses, a little bit of winter beauty in every room.

Once you have journeyed, gather outside the library and enjoy warming mead as we allow time for everyone to finish the walk.

6:30pm SINGING in the performance space. Songs from every class, the parent choir and whole school singing, finishing with a harmony hum.

LANTERN WALK to the LAKE – after the singing, children go to their classes to light lanterns. We gather as a whole school to walk to the lake, weather permitting.

HIGH SCHOOL ONLY (students and parents) – bonfire and lantern procession at school after the whole school lantern walk to the lake.


The Children’s Writing Festival was a great success.

What a beautiful day! To my view it all went so well, the sunshine outside a perfect complement to the sunshiny feel of the fair. A big thank you to all the people who helped to make this a great day. It is events such as these when you see the breadth and detail of the creativity and resourcefulness of our school as a whole. Community by community, this is how we can contribute to making a fairer and more sustainable world. To do it with celebration and friendship adds joy to satisfaction.

Children’s Writing Festival Saturday the 24th March

Saturday the 24th March will be a wonderful and exciting event for families in the school as well as welcoming visitors from the wider community. There are fantastic creative writing workshops and activities planned as well as the usual entertainment tent, coffee and chai, wholesome food, handmade with love craft stall and children’s games.