Welcome to Kindlehill – a Steiner school in the Blue Mountains, NSW

Kindlehill (a K-10 Steiner school) opened in the year 2000, and sits on a hill above Wentworth Falls lake, in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

We are an independent school working creatively and in a contemporary way, out of the foundation of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy for education.

We hold regular Fairs and Open Days to celebrate our community and to open our school to friends.

Kindlehill runs programs from Playgroup through to High School (Year Ten).

Parents are welcome to arrange a formal visit of the school by contacting community@kindlehill.nsw.edu.au or calling 02 4757 4402.

Rudolf Steiner says that when the bee sips nectar from the flower, something arises in the flower toward the bee so that the flower feels the bee’s visit as a gift (on a chemical level, minute amounts of formic acid pass to the flower which is something it needs for health). What an enlivening picture – with spring blossoming all around and the abundant activity of bees – a continual exchange of gifts between insect and plant world.

Then imagine that in each day we can bring this gift consciousness as we visit and take nourishment for our daily needs. That we approach our lives not as “robbers” (or the entitled), not only as gatherers and consumers, but also as gift-givers, satisfying the needs one for another. Is this not the essence of the feeling of spring – a strengthening, nourishing, blossoming and generous sharing? Can we also pause and sense what is it we gift in exchange, out of gratitude and out of unfathomable wisdom of our inter-relatedness and inter-being…Happy springtime gift giving.