Junior High School Program (Years 7-10)

Kindlehill Junior High School embraces Thoreau’s concept of “Beautiful Knowledge”. Thoreau said that, “The highest we can attain is not Knowledge but Sympathy with Intelligence”. We want students to shine with intelligence in every aspect of their lives.

Developing the capacity to think critically, to question, to explore perspectives, to reflect and make informed judgements, to experience that the “body of knowledge” we build our lives around is an evolving one; these are some of the capacities the young person is ready to develop as capacities for lifelong learning. Students are individually supported to achieve their potential in academic areas of study and to cultivate good habits of learning such as those of hard work, self-motivation and the setting of high standards. Extension work, challenges and learning support are provided as required to individual students. Parents are strongly encouraged to support the school work through helping students complete homework and establish good working habits.

Subjects are taught in ways that engage the students and that support a meaningful dialogue with the issues and concerns of the times in which they live. Students are challenged to think, feel and act in resourceful and creative ways, and to be constructive participants in community. Kindlehill High School embraces the concept of the “village”, where learning is not limited to school but is embedded in its community. Students connect with people and experiences from diverse walks of life. They engage with purposeful and real life work and activity in their local community.

The creative and performing arts are of central importance, accomplishment in the arts supports well roundedness in the human being. At a time when young people are vulnerable to some of the negative influences of peer culture, the arts imbue their lives with celebration, creativity, a sense of community and cherished values of what it is to be a creative and resourceful human being.

In the high school, the teachers are mentors who inspire the students out of their own love of learning, their keen interest in world affairs and in their commitment to making the world a better place through the use of their particular talents and abilities. They bring to the students what is of necessity in order for young people to take their place in the world as good and capable individuals. They work in cooperation, with respect and love for the young people in their classes. They model for the students that life is not only about what feels fun but that growth comes from facing difficulties and struggle, with courage and perseverance.

Kindlehill Junior High School supports young people toward finding their place in the world, as self directed, motivated, clear sighted and resourceful adults who want to create a fairer world for all.

A team of inspiring teachers and mentors delivers curriculum across a broad spectrum of subjects:

Maths and Computing
Science – physics, chemistry, biology and ecology
Visual Arts
Speech and Eurythmy
Life in Rhythms – personal development and well being
Food and Nutrition
Sustainable Building
Community projects
Camps and challenging outdoor experiences

Kindlehill Section Break