Kindlehill Newsletter Week 7 Term 2

Sweetening The Waters
The winter season is upon us and we are preparing for our very special whole school celebration of Winter’s Night (the longest night and shortest day of the year). On Friday evening of the 24th June, we gather as a school community for a feast of light and music, colour and story, singing and celebration.
This Winter’s Night we will tell the story of three “nights” (without the k) who go reluctantly from the balmy land of good time – summertime, into the whipping wildness of Old Man Winter’s Night. Their knightly quest is to find three things in order to renew the sun forces of their community.
They must find the outer and inner sun, the peace of the land and the cheer of community. Along the way, the three nights are transformed from their despondent and weary ways, into noble and fair knights, through the musical mysteries of the Sun Woman, Grandmother Country and the people of the Big Warm Heart. Lantern makers, winter singers, instrumentalists and storytellers from across the school will come together to present this Winter Night’s feast in honour of the sun, the land and the people. All school families are warmly welcome to join us for a festive evening.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

    Lee Trew – Wild Time: An Exciting Presentation For Parents On A Very Relevant Theme

Wednesday15tH June  7pm – 9pm .

Psychotherapist and bushcraft teacher Lee Trew, requests your presence for a journey of exploration – looking beneath the surface of our culture, our       relationship to our environment and our experience of who we are, and where we are heading.


Beginning right at the start, with origin of our species, we will see how the very abilities that have made us so adaptable, creative and co-operative have also made us vulnerable to addictions, to mental illness and becoming       unmoored from what is real.


As we see more clearly how our journey began, and what perils our species has navigated along the way, we may find more clarity as to the ways in which these dynamics are playing out in our lives, our relationships and in our families.


As we take this journey together, we will address such topics as:


– why time in wild nature is important for learning and development, as well mental and emotional well-being


– why screen addiction is so prevalent and how to redirect it


– how to navigate conflict within our families and relationships, using a model more in alignment with our evolutionary inheritance


– how this bigger picture view relates directly to, and has the potential to   empower, our daily lives


Lee Trew is psychotherapist and nature-connection mentor who has studied ancestral survival techniques from many cultures, and brings psychology and bushcraft together through rewilding, helping people of all ages to awaken their wildness and deepen their connection with the natural world and the skills of the hunter-gatherer ancestors we all share

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Kindlehill Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

FAIR DAY – Sweetening The Waters

Fair preparations for a beautiful family day are well underway. We encourage every family in the school to join in making this a living expression of Kindlehill community spirit. For many a parent presently in our school, coming to a fair and experiencing the beauty and community of the day, was  integral to their decision to enrol children here.  There is so much on offer including the following:

Wholesome food, coffee and chai

Homemade with love crafts

Music tent – all day programme

Honey stall, plant stall, white elephant stall

Art exhibition – sweetening the water

Activities for children such as go-kart, slack line, flying fox and obstacle course

We welcome practical support on stalls, set up and pack away. We also welcome artistic contributions for the art exhibition, for music and for children’s activities.

It will be a beautiful day of sweetening the waters so that the ripples of nourishment can flow out into the wider community and world around us.

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Kindlehill Newsletter 26th April 2016

Greetings Kindlehill families

This term our teaching and learning will be inspired by our Autumn Fair motif – the golden banksia. Chris Tobin told us how Aboriginal people “sweeten the water” with banksia flowers. They can become for us symbols of nourishment and sustenance as we head into colder days.  Our 2016 theme of Good Neighbours provides the broader framework – how can we contribute to nourishing and sustaining the lives of those around us and of our environment?  The banksia with its candle form can be seen as a symbol of light and warmth in facing the challenges within and around us.

This term, another full calendar of events for individual classes as well as for the whole school.


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Blue Mountains Peace Vigil Sunday 24th of April, Katoomba 3pm

On April 24th we will be holding a Peace Vigil in Katoomba to pay our respect to peacemakers, mourn
the devastating effects of war, and to kindle the fire of peace within our own community. Peace is an
active process. Something we participate in now. It starts in our communities as we strive for justice
for humanity and Mother Earth. This means respectful and honest acknowledgement our history
beginning with recognition of the frontier wars and the continued struggle for sovereignty of the
first nation peoples.
3pm Peace Memorial, Civic Place:
Ceremony with Darug artist Leanne Tobin.
Words and music from musician and activist Andy Busuttil.
Followed by offerings of music and interactive art from our
5:30pm Lantern walk down to the Katoomba Community Garden.
(BYO lantern or light)
6pm Soup, Stories and Song by the fire at the Katoomba
Community Gardens. BYO blanket, torch, chair, mug, spoon, stories
and songs to share. (Please be aware there is no lighting in the
For updates:

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Kindlehill Newsletter 29/3/16 Week 9


Get your seriously discounted pre-booked tickets from the office at $20 family. Great LIVE MUSIC – PAPA GONZO. Our very own DJ.LC (Luca Cupitt) and a line up of entertainment from 6pm including the Soul Singers,  fire dance, face paint, wishing well, Bella busker, Lem@live  and more……GREAT FOOD from Daz and BLISSBEAT.  High school 9/10 are organizing this event to raise money to build water tanks in Vanuatu. PLEASE PRE BOOK TICKETS IF YOU CAN AS IT HELPS US WITH CATERING. PRE BOOK TICKETS IS GOOD FOR YOU AND GOOD FOR US.     Also available at


Monday last, Gundungurra David King shared with the school, the main dreamtime story for the Blue Mountains – The Gurrangatch and Mirragan story. This was the seed story for our whole school visit to Euroka later in the week.  David shared how sustainability was a key principal for how the Gundungurra   interacted with the land based on the connectedeness that Aboriginal people feel to country. He also said that the Blue Mountains was a place, through difficult times, when people looked after each other. What a wonderful opportunity for our youngest generation to learn from the elders of the most   ancient and wise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture .  Thank you David.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 7



Thanks especially to Blissbeat who are supporting with food and sound/lighting set up.



Class 9/10 are raising money to build a water tank together with a Women’s Cooperative in Vanuatu when we visit in August.    LET’S DANCE! FOR WATER…….. These neighbouring Pacific Islands are very vulnerable to the big cyclones (such as Pam and Winston) and accessing  water is one of the first things in need.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 5 29/02/16

THE ETHICAL CHILD – Wednesday  2ND March At 7pm.       Childcare Available In Class 1 Room

A talk followed by discussion with Lynn Daniel.

This is a talk for everyone! Relevant to every age!  The focus is on how the first 7 years can be a well spring for one’s whole life (via the nurturing of the senses), and in laying a foundation for living an   ethical life in our challenging times.

The talk will be in Pippita’s classroom and some lovely older primary girls will look after young children in S’haila’s room.  Please let Kirsty in the office know if you need childcare, 47574402.

Saturday Sharing

At the school meeting on Saturday, the teachers were warmly and enthusiastically received in their presentations about our shared goals for Kindlehill in 2016.  As Vandana Shiva says, “we are all seeds” and the field of action we share is our lovely school  community.

Fundraiser – Family Friendly Disco  For Vanuatu At Junction 142 Katoomba Street 6PM – 9:30PM Saturday 2nd April

YEAR 9/10 warmly invite Kindlehill families and friends to an exciting and fun evening – food and entertainment, and featuring  PAPA GONZO REGGAE BAND.

We are raising money to build a  water tank together with a Women’s Cooperative in Vanuatu when we visit there in August this year.

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This is a very important meeting, an opportunity for as many parents as possible to attend and hear about the focus of Kindlehill School in 2016. We encourage parents to be informed about the vision and direction for 2016 and to participate wherever they are interested and able.
Good Neighbours – this is the “Big Idea” for the Kindlehill school year in 2016 . Good as in (Global perspectives, Opening windows to Opportunities for Doing). There will be explorations from kindy to high school around this central theme with a focus on getting to know some of our neighbours near and far, and being active in our connection with them.
Songlines – a living narrative of our nation (drawn fro Naidoc 2016)
Sustainability – Connecting kids with creeks and catchments (projects with BMCC – bioblitz, streamwatch, bushtrackers)
Neighbours in the Asia – Pacific – curriculum choices by class through the year as well as whole school supporting fundraising for projects in Vanuatu, where class 9/10 will visit later in the year.
As you will see from the term 1 calendar we are making a solid start to the year.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 1


A new school begins in earnest with a rich platter of learning and living from kindy to high school and across the school community as a whole. We welcome new families to every class! And of course for every child and young person, they  step into a new year of learning, as do their teachers! Below is an introduction to the Big Idea, Good Neighbours, that will weave throughout the year and across the school. The calendar for term 1 also gives you an idea of the breadth of things happening this term as well as opportunities for parents to be involved.

“I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stifled.  I want all the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

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