2016 Literacy in Kindy

Coming into a Steiner centred kindy is a different experience from the mainstream in many ways, one of these is the timing and approach to the development of literacy.  What follows, will hopefully give parents at Kindlehill, a sense of how important the kindy years are and of what an enriching experience it is, while at the same time being unhurried in regard to the development of literacy, specifically the skills of writing and reading.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 9


On behalf of the staff at Kindlehill, I extend well wishes to the school community over the holidays. May love and joy be abundant in this festive season and may 2016 see you replenished for a creative and fruitful year. We farewell a number of students and families from  various classes this year. We send you on your way with our best wishes and hope that you will visit and stay connected to the Kindlehill community.

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Kindlehill Week 7 Newsletter 2015

  END OF TERM BUSY BEE (or is that busy dragonfly?)

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the end of term Busy Bee.

Sprucing up the school; many hands making light work; shared lunch; catching up with other parents, and making new connections.

There will be plenty of activity around the classrooms.

We are also putting together the WEEDBUSTERS TEAM. Down    below the ball court and around our bees, we have  flourishing  invasive species: blackberry, broom, etc. We have plans for creating a sitting area and play  areas down there, and this is the first step in reclaiming this space.

See you there: 9am to 1pm.

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Kindlehill Week 5 Term 4 Newsletter

While the festival is a free event, the Karaoke musical starting at 2pm is $5 for adults and free for children/students. The Dragonfly story that follows at 3pm will be staged outside on the grass and is a whole school  production in dance, song, music and art.  This will be a real showcase of the dance and music through the year around the dragonfly theme.     Activities follow including origami, face painting, wings, a dance workshop (toward the parade), poi twirling and slack line – all with a dragonfly  element.   Most of these are free activities and are being run by volunteers.

There will also be very lovely market stalls and food and drinks down on the ball court area. Emily and friends from Hands, Heart and Feet will join with high school to lead the Dragonfly Parade (now brought forward to  5:45pm).  The evening of music (now brought forward to 6:45pm) is a rich array of musicians in our school community and this event will be hosted by Pete Worboys and opened by Emily with a participatory dance.   The Dragonfly garden exhibition will also be a highlight with lots of  wonderful entries. There will be a blackboard session for acoustic buskers.


THANK YOU to those people who have responded to our call for    volunteers. We still need help with the parking in particular. 3 people in 1 hour spots are needed.  Looking after parking is imperative in being respectful of our neighbours. Families of the school are asked to park away and walk in as per fairs and open days in order to keep the limited parking available to visitors. We are expecting lots of visitors!

On the day, if you see something that needs to be done, it would be greatly appreciated if you pitch in or at least alert Sarah Daniel (who is the on the day coordinator) or a teacher. There will be a teacher on general supervision through the day (not the evening) but it is important we all as a community, look out for the well being and safety of all.


We will send a programme next week so that you can see the full scope of happenings and line ups for activities and music. Invite family and friends for a  GIANT of a DRAGONFLY FESTIVAL!!!!                     

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Kindlehill Newsletter 27 10 2015


Preparations are well underway.

3-4pm     The dragonfly story will be told in a bold shimmer of  dance and music at 3pm that involves all classes.

4-6pm      DRAGONFLY ACTIVITIES: We have some lovely activities for all including dragonfly origami, dance/drum session to prepare for the parade, dragonfly wings, face painting…..we are seeking         volunteers to help with other activities such as lantern making,  dragonfly slack rope walking, parade swamp rattlers (bottle tops on sticks)……other ideas welcome. (Some of these activities have small payment attached from gold coin to $5 to$8 for face painting).

DRAGONFLY MARKET STALLS:     During this time there will also be food available including from Sarah’s nourishing kitchen as well as Sayoko and Scott’s Zen coffee van. Beautiful crafts will also be in the market stalls –   featuring artist crafters Michelle Snowden and Pam DeGroot (others welcome to apply). The handmade with love Kindlehill craft stall will also be there with Sally and Kim.

DRAGONFLY GARDEN EXHIBITION:     We have so far about 6 artists  contributing to the Dragonfly Garden Installations. There is still time to create something for this. There will be a guide to the exhibition.

6pm      DRAGONFLY PARADE:        High school have made a giant  dragonfly from  recycled ironing boards and copper wire. This will be at the head of the parade with Emily from Hands, Heart and Feet  together with drummers and dancers leading the way. We encourage everyone to dress up for this one! Musical instruments welcome, if you would like to feature in the parade let us know!

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Friday 30th October, 7pm (6:45 for chai) in the Performance Space

How can we address the “disconnect” so prevalent in our times; from ourselves, each other, from nature and the spiritual world?

How can a school, as a community centred around education,  begin to read the book of nature, walk pathways of gentleness and generosity, and strive to cooperate powerfully with the divine intentions for our world?

Come and hear more about an exciting and empowering approach to peace making as a school community.

In 2015, peace and reconciliation has been the highlighted vision and goals at Kindlehill. This has been implemented within the teaching programmes as well as in the school community through forums, community engagement and school festivals.

Lynn Daniel is a founding teacher and Principal of Kindlehill.  She has taught kindy, primary school, high school and in adult education. Kindlehill School begun at the start of the new millennium and endeavours through education, to  contribute in powerful and positive ways to the creating of a fairer and sustainable world.

Professor David Orr, an eminent environmental educator in the USA, says that….What is needed in our times is a paradigm shift comparable to the enlightenment… “A higher order of heroism, charity, wildness and the rights of children…a movement of hundreds of thousands of young people equipped with the vision, the moral stamina and the intellectual depth necessary to rebuild neighbourhoods, towns and communities around the planet…”

School as a Community- Kindlehill Forum

School as a Community- Kindlehill Forum


Kindlehill Newsletter


What better way for the primary school students to start their Wednesday morning. All families are encouraged to participate.


Here is the plan for Thursday afternoon getting in the gardens. Parents very welcome to join us.

> Kindy: Bio dynamic Preparation: sprinkling sparkles of star and sunshine

> Class 1: Driveway weeding, feeding and seeding and Biocompost turning

Class 2/3:  Driveway weeding, feeding and seeding and Biocompost turning

Class  4/5: Lake Street Verge weeding, feeding and watering of fruit trees

> all along fence line

Class 6/7: Orchard weeding, feeding (use mulch from chicken yard) and  watering



The topic is SCHOOL AS A COMMUNITY – STRIVING FOR PEACE AND       RECONCILIATION. There will be a presentation by Lynn followed by         conversation.

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Kindlehill Scholarship

Kindlehill School is currently accepting applications for the Kindlehill Scholarship Program. Two families with children/young people, who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, will be accepted for the start of 2016. Preference may be given to families with children who are eligible to enter kindergarten in 2016 and in classes where there are currently available places.

The scholarships are offered in the spirit of enrichment and enhancement of the education provided to all the children and young people at Kindlehill, as well as to the school community as a whole. The enrolment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families at Kindlehill will bring  richness to the learning environment and school community.

We anticipate that these key elements of an education at Kindlehill will be of interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families:

  • Strong storytelling and imaginative approach to learning across all subjects
  • Environment and reverence for Mother Earth are a strong stimulus for learning
  • Experiential, engaged and practical learning
  • Strong creative and performing arts programmes for all children/young people including music, drama, dance, visual arts and craft
  • Strong outdoor education programme
  • Curriculum is delivered through the lens of global citizenship, valuing the diverse experiences within communities local and broadly
  • Strong sense of community and opportunities for family participation in the life of the school
  • Evolving curriculum and flexibility in delivery
  • Teachers work from a conviction that children are spiritual beings; their task is to guide and nourish the unfolding lives of the children/young people to become positive and contributing members of society
  • Beautiful school environment
  • A philosophy that recognises that children are not the same at each age and stage of growth; and adjusts teaching and learning activities to support the unfolding development of children/young people.


We hope to maintain and deepen our connection with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of the Blue Mountains in various ways including through bringing the cultural and artistic expertise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into the learning environment.

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