Kindlehill Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

    Lee Trew – Wild Time: An Exciting Presentation For Parents On A Very Relevant Theme

Wednesday15tH June  7pm – 9pm .

Psychotherapist and bushcraft teacher Lee Trew, requests your presence for a journey of exploration – looking beneath the surface of our culture, our       relationship to our environment and our experience of who we are, and where we are heading.


Beginning right at the start, with origin of our species, we will see how the very abilities that have made us so adaptable, creative and co-operative have also made us vulnerable to addictions, to mental illness and becoming       unmoored from what is real.


As we see more clearly how our journey began, and what perils our species has navigated along the way, we may find more clarity as to the ways in which these dynamics are playing out in our lives, our relationships and in our families.


As we take this journey together, we will address such topics as:


– why time in wild nature is important for learning and development, as well mental and emotional well-being


– why screen addiction is so prevalent and how to redirect it


– how to navigate conflict within our families and relationships, using a model more in alignment with our evolutionary inheritance


– how this bigger picture view relates directly to, and has the potential to   empower, our daily lives


Lee Trew is psychotherapist and nature-connection mentor who has studied ancestral survival techniques from many cultures, and brings psychology and bushcraft together through rewilding, helping people of all ages to awaken their wildness and deepen their connection with the natural world and the skills of the hunter-gatherer ancestors we all share

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