High School Program

The High School at Kindlehill, supports young people toward finding their place in the world, as self directed, motivated, clear sighted and resourceful adults.

The High School curriculum works in creative and contemporary ways, with Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education, and also meets the requirements and learning outcomes set down by the Board of Studies.

At Kindlehill, teachers are also mentors to the students, and are themselves talented and exemplary persons in their particular fields of endeavour. Teachers work collaboratively to develop programmes that are thorough, challenging, rich in ideas and experience, engaging and supportive. The teachers work to broaden the students’ knowledge and skills in their respective subjects, to provide wellsprings of wisdom in regard to a life well lived, to develop in students, gentle, optimistic and courageous hearts, and to develop in students, the skills and attitudes that will enable them to meet problems and difficulties with the strength of character that can transform crisis into opportunity.

The morning programs focus on academic work. Students are encouraged to participate in setting their own learning goals. Extension work, challenges and learning support are provided to individual students by their teachers. Teachers endeavour to develop individual capacities in each student, through engaging learning tasks, communicating clear expectations and monitoring of student work. Parents are strongly encouraged to support the school work through helping students complete homework.

Kindlehill High School embraces Thoreau’s concept of “Beautiful Knowledge”. He said that, “The highest we can attain is not Knowledge but Sympathy with Intelligence”. He speaks of the “lighting up of the mist by the sun”, the sun being an image of that Intelligence that is the source of Beautiful Knowledge.

The afternoon programs are a combination of the artistic, practical and physical. Through such activities as woodwork, building, art, music, sport, personal development, textiles, gardening and food technology, students gain practical and social skills, as well as capacities for creative expression, that will enhance their lives.

The home room for the High School class was built out of recycled materials using creative and sustainable building principles. It is an appropriate base to an initiative that seeks to empower young people “to find the vision, moral stamina and skills to build a better world” (David Orr).

Kindlehill High School also embraces the concept of the “village”, where learning is not limited to school but is embedded in its community. Students are linked via the Pathways Program, to people and experiences from diverse walks of life. Students engage with purposeful and real life work and activity in their regional community.

A team of inspiring teachers and mentors delivers curriculum across a broad spectrum of subjects:

Maths and Computing
Science – physics, chemistry, biology and ecology
Visual Arts
Speech and Eurythmy
Life in Rhythms – personal development and well being
Food and Nutrition
Sustainable Building
Community projects
Camps and challenging outdoor experiences

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