Fee Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Kindlehill Enrolment Agreement. All families enroled at the school agree to the fee policy. The policy may be updated as required and parents will be notified of the change.

Kindlehill School fees comprise 40% of the school’s annual income. The remaining 60% includes fees from government grants, and a small component of private income from donations.
Kindlehill aims to make current fees:

  • Reasonable for the community in which the school is based
  • Representative of the operating costs of the school
  • Supportive of our not-for profit status, meaning all profits are invested back into the school.
  • In line with industry standards/levels for Independent and Steiner Schools in NSW.
  • Set at a level that allows for the ongoing management, and growth of the school.

Parent contribution to the school is a significant requirement of both the state and commonwealth government provision of grants. The school is required to apply fee increases in line with market trends.

Setting fee amounts

The fees are set at the end of a school year for the next school year and parents are advised in writing of any changes to fees. Fees remain static for 12 months.

The fee schedule is published in term four and outlines what is included in the fees and any additional costs that may arise.

Kindlehill fees increase between 0% and 5% annually. The increases are generally based on forecast enrolment numbers, and the priorities set for the school in the coming school year.

Management of fees
Kindlehill fees are set by the Business Manager, the College of Teachers and the School Board.

All Kindlehill fees are to be paid via PaySmart direct debit, in quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments. Kindlehill will not accept individual payment arrangements outside of PaySmart unless a formal application is provided to the Business Manager, and approved by College.

The school administration oversee the day to day management of fees, including raising invoices, managing bank reconciliations and payments, and managing the implementation of fee relief approvals.

Where there is significant capital investment (not funded by Government capital grants) to support the growing school and improve facilities, fee increases will be higher. In some cases, these are funded by capital loans to be serviced by the school. We have a building fund that accepts donations that are tax deductible for the donor. The school does not currently apply building levies to parents.

How invoices are raised

Fee invoices are raised at the beginning of each term and will be raised in the Mother’s name unless otherwise advised (see below). Any party who signs the enrolment agreement is responsible for the fees. Fees are sent to parents via email.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility
Any parent or guardian responsible for payment of fees adheres to this policy when signing the enrolment agreement. If a parent or guardian intends for another to be responsible for fees, they must have that person sign the enrolment agreement or request a fee payment advice from the school if the child is already enroled.

In the case where children are in a shared care arrangement, Kindlehill will split the fees according to a percentage indicated by both parents, provided both parents have completed and signed the fee payment advice (available from the office). In the event that one party neglects to pay fees, the other parties will be notified, and the enrolment may be forfeited. If no fee payment agreement is provided to advise changes in fee payments, the enrolment agreement stands as a contract and all who signed the enrolment agreement are equally responsible for the fees.

Tax Concessions
Fees do not attract Goods and Services Tax (GST), and are not tax deductible.

Fee Relief
If a family experiences undue hardship or financial strain, Kindlehill will strive to provide a discount or waiver of fees for a specified period until the family’s hardship eases.

Fee relief or discounts are applied upon approval of a written application to the Kindlehill College of Teachers. This approval is issued to the Business Manager, who reviews the financial impact of the relief and passes this information to college.

In order to provide a fair and equitable level of fee relief, all discounts are offered for a limited period. As many parents at the school commit to meet the fee payments for many years,  fee relief is not offered at the point of enrolment at the school and can only be offered after a family has shown an ongoing commitment to their enrolment and school fees.

Fee Payment
All parent fees are to be paid via our direct debit company (currently PaySmart).
1. Parents can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. Quarterly fees are due in the first week of the school term.
2. The school will manage the direct debit schedule with PaySmart in January of each year, and provide a detailed schedule to parents, including dates and amounts. Direct Debit payments run from 1 February to 20 December in each school year, with 100% of fees due by 15 December of each school year.

3. The school will set a contract value for direct debit payments based on the full school year fees. This will determine the scheduled payment amounts.

4. Kindlehill cannot accept cash or cheques at Administration.

5. If parents are paid by a company based outside Australia, Kindlehill has an active PayPal account for acceptance of international payments for fees.

Playgroup and After School Care

Playgroup and After School Care invoices are raised separately to the school fee invoices. Parents are to pay these invoices within 14 days of the date of the invoice direct into the school bank account. A late payment fee of $40 per week will be applied to unpaid amounts.

Non-payment of fees will result in the enrolment immediately being cancelled.

Fee relief and scholarships are not offered for playgroup or after school care.

Fee Collection
Due to our heavy reliance upon fees for the ongoing management of the school, Kindlehill takes the payment of fees and the collection of fees very seriously.

If parents are experiencing genuine financial hardship, they should contact the Business Manager and discuss options for fee payments.

Our collection process involves the following steps:

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the school and discuss financial hardship if this occurs. Ongoing communication with the school provides an assurance that the fees are a priority for the family.

  • If payments are dishonoured, PaySmart will follow up on the payment of the scheduled amount until it is made in full.
  • Dishonoured direct debit payments incur a $15 fee charged by PaySmart. Kindlehill does not receive this fee, and it is charged to the parent/guardian.
  • Additional email or phone reminders from administration will incur additional fees. $40 per contact made.
  • Parents who have ongoing dishonoured actions will be moved to PaySmart collection services for management of their outstanding payments. Any fees associated with this will be charged to the parent(s).
  • Fees not paid within the school year they are due will be charged interest. Interest is set at an unsecured commercial rate as defined by the Local Court.
  • Kindlehill has engaged the services of a debt collection agency and this agency will be used when the above options have been exhausted. All fees associated with this debt collection will be charged to the parent/guardian.

Notice Periods
A full term notice of exit from the school is required. This policy applies to exit from all classes, including Kindergarten and Class 6/7, prior to the move to high school. This policy was implemented to enable the students and staff to warmly farewell students so they depart feeling ready for their next adventure. It also enables the school to plan for each term with an accurate picture of how the class will be structured.
This is to be provided as a written notice to the class teacher AND the school administration. Full fees are charged in lieu of notice.