Values Statement

Kindlehill is a social deed. Our purpose is to educate children and young people to be powerfully equipped in becoming individuals who contribute to creating a more compassionate and fair society for all.
Our teaching is inspired by an understanding of the human being, ideally including all the stages of individual life development and human evolution; and informed by the pedagogical indications given by Rudolf Steiner and applied in a regional and contemporary setting.
We strive to bring a life imbued education to every child and young person in our care, and to acknowledge the gift that each individual brings as part of a diverse and respectful community.
Cultivating the imagination, a sense of beauty and the awakening of artistic feeling across the fields of human endeavour (including the arts), we support children and young people to become creative and resourceful for their lives and the lives of others. As the high school years unfold, added to this development of artistic imagination is the fostering of the young person’s efforts towards making active thinking their own, and to developing powers of sound judgment by which they are able to authentically discern whether something is true or not.
Kindlehill seeks an alignment of values between home and school. Teachers, parents and students are a vibrant community, that supports the flourishing of children and young people – and in doing so, contributes to what is good for all humanity.
We support a culture of “growth” in which all members of the community see themselves as active, developing and evolving human beings.
In celebrating together, listening to and respecting each other, and in cooperating and supporting each other; we model for our children and young people, a society based on cooperation, respect and empowerment.
We support Indigenous Reconciliation and strive to uphold the imperative of justice and equity for indigenous people. We acknowledge the traditional owners whose cultures and customs have nurtured and continue to nurture this land.
We support children and young people in developing a relationship to nature that engenders freedom, nourishes well-being and cultivates respectful interconnectedness as they live their lives.
We acknowledge the inter-relationship between the personal, social, environmental and spiritual dimensions to life. We value the integration of respectful, sustainable, celebratory and fair actions in every dimension of our lives, for the good of our planetary being – now and into the future.

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