Information Communication Technology Some leading thoughts…

Compiled by Lynn Daniel, High School Coordinator

The tidal wave of technology is an exciting but daunting challenge facing every school and family in our community.  I recently attended a conference for Steiner schools at Lorien Novalis, where schools around Australia (and overseas via Skype), shared insights, approaches and concerns in regard to information communication technology (ICT).  For me in particular, it was an opportunity to hear how other schools had integrated ICT into the context of Steiner education; and to explore approaches and decisions relevant to our own school.

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Marimba Workshops by Jon Madin for all Kindlehill students

I had the pleasure of being with both Kindy children as well as the high school group while they were entertained and taught by Jon Madin, all the while performing the most fun and enjoyable pieces of music. The kindy children were just glowing as they sat behind the echocellos, reaching their little arms down and dragging the bow to and fro all the while creating beautiful sounds. They laughed at Jon’s lyrics and happily told him all about different instruments and what they had done on the weekend. At the other end of the Kindlehill classes, when it was their time, the high school group sauntered in, took their places casually behind the marimbas and proceeded to played (and sing) a song from the top 40. It was a sight to see and amazing to hear.

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Greening the Blue in 2012

Last year we established Greening the Blue as a broad focus for the school.  Living into our beautiful hand made school, we wanted to deepen and broaden our commitment to “touching the earth gently” and contributing to the shaping of a future for the earth and her inhabitants, that is sustainable, celebratory and fair.

Toward this goal, a number of pathways have emerged over the past year which we would like to continue and grow into 2012.  It is our hope that this focus is something that will resonate with parents and that together as a Kindlehill community we can elaborate and bring the focus into grounded reality.

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Forget me not Fair and Official opening

Thank you to you and your energetic, creative and resourceful team of helpers – parents and students.  The sky blue and sun gold theme was the perfect frame  for our beautiful, family/community day with HEART!!

Jason Dash, thank you, not only for the entire building, but for the extra energy in the month leading up to the fair. The school looked just amazing!!!!

Many thanks to artists Anna Kling, Pam de Groot and Amy Jenkins for their most beautiful and unique pieces donated to the Forget Me Not Fair’s raffle. And to Jacqui Fae for the popular poster and postcard designs.

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A Reflection: New Kindy and Performance Space

As we prepare for the official opening of Kindlehill’s new Kindy and Performance Space on Saturday at the Forget-Me-Not-Fair, it’s worth reflecting on the long and magnificent voyage, during which this edifice has arisen from the ground. Innumerable hands, and much contemplation and energy has been put into the many beautiful components. Do you remember what the land there looked like before any construction began? To celebrate, a short video has been made that captures moments along the path to completion.

Kindlehill High School – small, friendly and flexible



Many young people can feel overwhelmed by the sheer size and anonymity of the typical high school, and  the test driven and weighted emphasis on classroom, academic style learning, can be counter productive to self esteem, independence and self directedness.  Some students, carrying a strong sense of individuality, look for the challenge in having more self direction in their learning environment and to the  connectedness with life in the community,  that is possible in this alternative approach. For others, they look forward to the challenges of mainstream education and they will take with them, from their years in Kindlehill, a motivation toward learning and a wealth of experience in every aspect of school life.

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