Once there was a kindy with no doors and no windows…

The kindy children arrived to the new year to find their newly renovated kindy room was very different. For a start it was bigger but it was also a kindy with no doors and no windowpanes.

It was like camping; the cool breezes on a hot summer day most welcome

but when the hail and thunderous rain came,


it was somewhat a challenge for the kindy teacher to stand on the kitchen bench, holding a tarp over unprotected windows, while brightly calming the children who were a little rattled by what felt to be overhead lightning and thunder.

As well, over the summer holidays, a mud tree had grown against the back wall!

“Is it real?”
“It’s a mud tree.”
“Well mud is part of Mother Earth…”

The children have been fascinated by the mud tree. It is like a Moreton Bay Fig with its protruding roots creating nooks and homes for bush creatures. The tree was designed and sculpted by Sarah Daniel with the help of her apprentice and mother, Lynn Daniel.

We still don’t have glass in all of our windows, we have a makeshift door, and we have a fully functioning kitchen that was mostly built by Lyn the Builder (one child saw him poised on a ladder and asked, “When did you put that statue there?”

Thanks to Jason and his enthusiastic and capable team. We look forward to the new deck that is currently under construction.