Our Environment

Creativity, community and love have moulded every aspect of our beautiful school. The children who live and learn within these buildings and grounds, have around them the inspiration of people who are working and creating together for a higher good, and in ways that are respectful of Mother Earth.

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Class Rooms

The kindy garden building is an unfolding spiral, expressing the unfolding life of the children in our care. The spiral continues through the home rooms of the primary classes, the successive years widening and unfolding into the world. Each classroom has a unique “feel” in keeping with the growth and development of the child.

The music room is well equipped and home to the marimbas which are a feature of our music programme throughout the school. The Hard Craft room is resourced for wood carving, simple wood constructions, leatherwork, copper work, ceramics and screen painting. It is also used for science. The Library is also used as a tutorial room for Learning Support.

The High School has a designated stand alone space and also utilises specialist rooms in common with the primary school.

Performance Space

The unique and beautiful design was a labour of love by specialists and workers who are masters in their crafts. Visitors from many countries, through a help exchange network, also brought their hands on enthusiasm to the building project, as did volunteers from the school and local community. The performance space is used within the school for plays, movement classes, concerts and whole school events. It is also available for use by groups in the wider community, particularly for activities of an artistic kind.


The flow of the seasons is celebrated throughout the school. Participation in activities that reflect and explore the seasonal changes in our local environment, promotes within our school community, a respect for nature and an experience of our inter-relatedness. The change of seasons also provides a learning focus for all classes across the curriculum, from science to the arts, to the practical activities of cooking, gardening, excursions and camps. The school’s cycle of events and fairs is also embedded in the seasonal flow.


Flowers, vegetables and herbs are planted throughout the school. They are tended by classes and volunteer parents. Gardening and cooking provide opportunities to teach and practice environmental and sustainable practices. Parents have built the school a community “Roof Top” garden above the High School space. It provides our students with fresh ingredients for cooking classes and is also a sunny and quiet place available to students at break times. The school has guinea pigs and chooks. The chooks free range in the fruit and nut orchard.

Every autumn, a giant compost is made, primarily of fallen leaves collected by the students, from local parks. Biodynamic preparations are used in the construction of this compost heap. The whole school participates in its making and come spring, the rich compost nourishes the gardens throughout the school.

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