Our Community

At Kindlehill, the families are an intrinsic part of the school. Parents are active in making the school environment the beautiful and welcoming place it is. The participation of parents in the school warms and enriches their children’s experience.

Many parents volunteer their time and share their skills in the classroom, and at school fairs and events: artists, musicians, beauty therapists, biodynamic gardeners, professional organisers, teachers, holistic health practitioners, dancers, builders, carpenters and gymnasts all extend the breadth of the educational experience. Each term finishes with a working bee, where teachers, parents and students join forces to prepare and maintain classrooms and shared spaces for the coming term.

Handmade with love – shelves, blackboards, furniture for classrooms, are made by parents in the school out of beautiful timbers and where possible, recycled timbers. We also make every effort to repair broken furniture and tools, and rely on parents at working bees to help us in this effort toward reducing, reusing and recycling. The Craft Group meets regularly and produces high quality toys, clothing and accessories as a fundraiser for the school.

Kindlings is our seasonal publication that is distributed to our school and regional community. It provides a taste of the richness of life at Kindlehill and creates yet another pathway into the community. Contributions from parents and students are welcome. To obtain a hard copy of the latest edition please contact us at community@kindlehill.nsw.edu.au or call 02 4757 4402. Alternatively, click here to view online.

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