High School Happenings Autumn, 2016


HIGH SCHOOL HAPPENINGS IS PUT TOGETHER EACH TERM for parents and friends of the school to gain an inkling of the rich and diverse programme for the high school term.



The Renaissance brings a new age of freedom; the freedom of thought in understanding the phenomena of the natural world, the importance of art and beauty, and of human achievements in all areas of life. These are studied as a background to the students own awakening faculties of thought, their growing independence and an appreciation of the power of an individual to shape his or her own destiny. In this way, young people are supported to look into their own complex times with optimism and a sense that they too can forge their place in the world, and be agents of creativity and change.



The​ French​ Revolution,​ the​ American​ War​ of​ Independence​ and​ the​ Industrial​ Revolution, provide the fertile soil for the rise and implementation of the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity.​

Students ​ investigate​ a​ kaleidoscope​ of​ events​,​ personalities​,​ ideas and​ influences,​ ​ that​ illustrate​ these​ turbulent​ times​ in​ history​ and​ their​ impact​ on​ the​ modern​ age​  through​ to​ contemporary​  times.​ The​ key​ ideals​  of the French Revolution – ​ liberty,​ equality​ and​ fraternity,​ are​ traced​ as​ patterns and processes behind historical happenings​ across​ continents,​ engaging​ the​ students​ with​ questions​ and​ concepts​ to​ understand​ and​ mee​t the​ challenges​ of​ our​ own​ changing​ times.​ The conditions that led to the Industrial Revolution in Britain and its global impact are also studied.​​​


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