Years 6 – 10 spent a wonderful day at Yellomundee last Wednesday. Stepping out of the bus after only a 35 minute drive and we already begin to breathe differently. Uncle Lex invites us to sign in to country at an ancient Kangaroo engraved initiation site. We sit amongst trees now decorated with our ochre handprints, in quietness. Breathing deepens, senses awaken, bird activity is everywhere, and even though we are a short distance from a fast travelling roadway, the resilience and presence of this place is palpable.

Later, some wade in the sun sparkling winter river, others shelter beneath casuarinas. After lunch we transform stringybark into rope. When we work together we are strong, Uncle Lex tells us, as he shows us how to twine the separate lengths together to make unbreakable string in preparation for the dance circle. Then we dance for two hours! Uncle Kyle and Aunty Corina showing us how to draw strength from the earth, how to connect inner lives to the beautiful world around us.

Uncle Lex and his crew cook us the most delicious camp dinner I have ever had, then by firelight we share songs and stories, and are entertained by the cheeky Uncle Bidgewong.  Thursday and we arrive back to school. The Kindy and Primary School learn the dances and in the afternoon the whole school shares in a celebration of culture through dance and story.

A big love thank you to Lex, Corina, Kyle, Sandy and crew for this truly special opportunity to be on country, and to John for coordinating on our behalf.