MARCH 2016


Canoeing down the Kangaroo River in warm, late summer, sounds idyllic. Yet beneath the tranquil scene captured in a photographic moment, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. 26km of perseverance in paddling, in shared canoes with gear, that requires cooperation and on the job skill development in steering and finding a rhythm.                                                                            Setting up camp –     looking after self, your “team” and the group as a whole in low impact self sufficient camping

Everyone had challenges to meet. Just being immersed in a natural environment, without familiar home comforts, can feel like a fish out of water. The perseverance factor was big, the   keeping on going when you think you can’t. Then there was the courage jump, rock to river. And the getting along with 20 others who don’t necessarily think and act the way you do!


These out of classroom experiences test us; they support us to     develop independence and tolerance in real situations. The ‘nature’ time nourishes us and at the minimum sets up a respectful          relationship to the environment which hopefully deepens into a love and sense of responsibility to co-operate rather than exploit.

Return now to the tranquil picture. Early morning, mist rising on the river, canoes gliding and a call/response Aboriginal river song (learned in the singing group) greeting the river and the bushland either side……Beautiful!


An exhausted but deeply satisfied, Lynn


High School Kangaroo Valley Camp

High School Kangaroo Valley Camp