Sharing here a beautiful and passionate poem written by Lucy Bell, Year 9 as part of her Geography investigation into the raising of Warragamba Dam wall. It speaks to the specific issue of raising the dam wall but also of raising walls that dam the flow in all of aspects of our lives. Pretty complex little poem here Lucy.   

Raising the Warragamba Dam Wall

by Lucy Bell.

There was flow; then there were walls.
In life, there is a natural flow.
It is the flow of people on streets.
The flow of the sun, radiating down on earth.
The flow of water in the rivers and seas.
The flow of the seasons, changing annually.
The flow is everywhere, critical, essential and fundamental to life, love, and liberty.
In life, there are walls.
These are the walls like a sore throat, stopping you from singing.
Dam walls stopping the waters from wading.
Walls separating families, stopping the flow of so many lives.
Walls like being stuck in a job, because you have to feed you family.
Walls are everywhere, they create distress, death and destruction.
In life, there is a drug called money.
I have pity for the people addicted to this drug.
Money corrupts people to destroy their land, their ancestors’ land. This ancient, sacred soil
air and water.
Money, the drug that causes human’s so much craziness, corruption and confusion
Lungs. Lungs and tongues and teeth and lips.
These are Our weapons to speak our mind; to Change the world and fight for tomorrow.
Let’s use them for good. Without the corruption of money.
Let’s stand in unity as a nation, as people, as citizens of earth.
Let’s stand, and break through the walls!
We need to fight, to stop the raising of a wall at Warragamba Dam!