Kindlehill Newsletter Week 5 29/02/16

THE ETHICAL CHILD – Wednesday  2ND March At 7pm.       Childcare Available In Class 1 Room

A talk followed by discussion with Lynn Daniel.

This is a talk for everyone! Relevant to every age!  The focus is on how the first 7 years can be a well spring for one’s whole life (via the nurturing of the senses), and in laying a foundation for living an   ethical life in our challenging times.

The talk will be in Pippita’s classroom and some lovely older primary girls will look after young children in S’haila’s room.  Please let Kirsty in the office know if you need childcare, 47574402.

Saturday Sharing

At the school meeting on Saturday, the teachers were warmly and enthusiastically received in their presentations about our shared goals for Kindlehill in 2016.  As Vandana Shiva says, “we are all seeds” and the field of action we share is our lovely school  community.

Fundraiser – Family Friendly Disco  For Vanuatu At Junction 142 Katoomba Street 6PM – 9:30PM Saturday 2nd April

YEAR 9/10 warmly invite Kindlehill families and friends to an exciting and fun evening – food and entertainment, and featuring  PAPA GONZO REGGAE BAND.

We are raising money to build a  water tank together with a Women’s Cooperative in Vanuatu when we visit there in August this year.

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This is a very important meeting, an opportunity for as many parents as possible to attend and hear about the focus of Kindlehill School in 2016. We encourage parents to be informed about the vision and direction for 2016 and to participate wherever they are interested and able.
Good Neighbours – this is the “Big Idea” for the Kindlehill school year in 2016 . Good as in (Global perspectives, Opening windows to Opportunities for Doing). There will be explorations from kindy to high school around this central theme with a focus on getting to know some of our neighbours near and far, and being active in our connection with them.
Songlines – a living narrative of our nation (drawn fro Naidoc 2016)
Sustainability – Connecting kids with creeks and catchments (projects with BMCC – bioblitz, streamwatch, bushtrackers)
Neighbours in the Asia – Pacific – curriculum choices by class through the year as well as whole school supporting fundraising for projects in Vanuatu, where class 9/10 will visit later in the year.
As you will see from the term 1 calendar we are making a solid start to the year.

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Summer 2016 High School Happenings

From a Steiner perspective, one could say the task of the kindergarten child is to experience oneself in love, for the primary school child to be guided by love into a love of the world, and for the young person in high school; to awaken love within oneself toward humanity and the world around them. These three stages represent a cycling of love, first placed around the child, then nurtured within to form a vessel in the primary years, and in the teenage years, supporting its unique blossoming and unfolding into the world through the individual.

In a Steiner high school, the curriculum is supportive of this underlying task of the high school years as the following glimpse into High School Happenings this term will illustrate. The students in manifold ways are supported to find their individual orientation in life, their capacity to imbue their lives into the future with meaning. This is the fundamental task of education in high school.

HIGH SCHOOL HAPPENINGS IS PUT TOGETHER EACH TERM for parents and friends of the school to gain an inkling of the rich and diverse programme for the high school term.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 1


A new school begins in earnest with a rich platter of learning and living from kindy to high school and across the school community as a whole. We welcome new families to every class! And of course for every child and young person, they  step into a new year of learning, as do their teachers! Below is an introduction to the Big Idea, Good Neighbours, that will weave throughout the year and across the school. The calendar for term 1 also gives you an idea of the breadth of things happening this term as well as opportunities for parents to be involved.

“I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stifled.  I want all the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

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2016 Literacy in Kindy

Coming into a Steiner centred kindy is a different experience from the mainstream in many ways, one of these is the timing and approach to the development of literacy.  What follows, will hopefully give parents at Kindlehill, a sense of how important the kindy years are and of what an enriching experience it is, while at the same time being unhurried in regard to the development of literacy, specifically the skills of writing and reading.

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Kindlehill High school trip to North West Island, Great Barrier Reef


High school trip to North West Island, Great Barrier Reef

November 2015

Waves have eloquence. They bring to shore the stories of faraway lands and depths of ocean. They are whisperers of news while they wash the shore. The tide brings tidings to this island, 75 kilometres from her mainland neighbours though only a turtle swim to nearby masthead.

You might think, being an island in the midst of big seas that it would be a quiet existence but days are bustling with the come and go of noddies, pairing and nest building, raising their chicks. And under the pearly light of moon, the shearwaters nourish their young, calling comfort to each other in ethereal cries. And turtles heave themselves shoreward, sighing heavily with the labour of digging a safe haven in which to leave their eggs.

Then there are the visitors to the island.  Firstly Ella, graceful and slender as the beach Casuarina. She is the ARTIST, painting the ever changing dance of light on the water. She turns a walk into a work of art and wearing a dress into an occasion.

Then there is Bella, the ADVENTURER, whether setting off solely around the island at sunrise or in writing a pithy song. There is a love of life in Bella and a craving for experience to match the boldest pirate of long ago.

Sashka is the NURTURER and CELEBRATOR of life.  Gentle, generous soul. The footprints she leaves on this island will linger, a memory of one who came and opened her mind and heart.

Olive is the POET, navigator of rich inner worlds. She invites her companions to ride with her the highs and lows of her island “wuthering”. Watch out! I have heard her cackle in the moonlight!

Gali is the PROBLEM SOLVER. Every group needs one. He is the human version of the swiss army knife. His mind is the gadget for every tricky situation, physical and emotional. He builds friendship bridges and when they are tested by storms he builds then again.

Oscar is the COMMEDIAN. Spontaneous, playful and always sharpening his wit on the funny side of life. Like any comedian  worth his salt! He is a little bit wise beneath the waves of humour. ….So  is that what it means to be a “wise crack”?

Lem is the SHAMAN. He names what he sees going on, not always tactfully. Charming, unpredictable and sometimes a little scary, he demands respect. And he is the one you go to when there is serious heavy lifting to be done.

Willow is the DEVOTEE of life. She is the amazed, wonder filled exclaimer of life. “OH MY LORD!” she says. She is also braveheart – facing her fears and standing up adamantly for herself.

And  then there is Dan, the MAGICIAN. Player of cards and man of tricks, revealer of nature’s treasures and dissolver of boundaries. Man of many guises, man with Frisbee, man with a sea star in his hand, man with the child alive in his whole being.

Then there is me, pull and tug like a tide, insistent as a sunrise, believer in mermaids, sharing the wisdom from the book of nature, lifting the veil on that which is beholden in the heart’s eye.

The island has been generous host to us all. We guests leave her table, appetites sated. We have experienced her boundless beauty and the rich intricacy of life on the reef. We are in deep gratitude for her existence. We leave the island with a clearer understanding amongst each other, 8 days on an island has its challenges; from the isolation, minimalist camping, facing fears, to the social cohesion of the group.

As for me, the island has become a friend to call up when I need some nourishing. I’m leaving her my number, one day she may have need of it and I will without hesitation, be there for her.


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High School North West Island Camp 2015

High school have returned from their class trip to North West Island on the Great Barrier Reef where they did an ecology/geography lesson in situ, as well developing skills and stamina in minimalist impact camping, and snorkeling. The big idea behind the lesson was looking at the island/reef environment through the lens of COOPERATION and seeing how that is reflected in our personal and social lives as well. We saw the beauty and intricacy of coral as habitat for diverse species and had close encounters with Shovel Nose Rays, Stingrays and Reef Sharks! On the way up, we met farmers who are fighting to keep farmland for food against powerful mining interests and an Aboriginal man, Wayne, gave us heartfelt insights into his connection to country and filled our water bottles with pure waters from his artesian bore. We were on the island for the start of the Paris Climate Talks and took the opportunity to be a part of the conversation that is being had in regard to Climate justice. Students returned with a swag of stories and experiences, a little more independence and confidence in meeting challenges, and a little more connected to “country”.

High School Camp

High School Camp

Kindlehill Newsletter Week 9


On behalf of the staff at Kindlehill, I extend well wishes to the school community over the holidays. May love and joy be abundant in this festive season and may 2016 see you replenished for a creative and fruitful year. We farewell a number of students and families from  various classes this year. We send you on your way with our best wishes and hope that you will visit and stay connected to the Kindlehill community.

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Kindlehill Week 7 Newsletter 2015

  END OF TERM BUSY BEE (or is that busy dragonfly?)

Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the end of term Busy Bee.

Sprucing up the school; many hands making light work; shared lunch; catching up with other parents, and making new connections.

There will be plenty of activity around the classrooms.

We are also putting together the WEEDBUSTERS TEAM. Down    below the ball court and around our bees, we have  flourishing  invasive species: blackberry, broom, etc. We have plans for creating a sitting area and play  areas down there, and this is the first step in reclaiming this space.

See you there: 9am to 1pm.

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Kindlehill Week 5 Term 4 Newsletter

While the festival is a free event, the Karaoke musical starting at 2pm is $5 for adults and free for children/students. The Dragonfly story that follows at 3pm will be staged outside on the grass and is a whole school  production in dance, song, music and art.  This will be a real showcase of the dance and music through the year around the dragonfly theme.     Activities follow including origami, face painting, wings, a dance workshop (toward the parade), poi twirling and slack line – all with a dragonfly  element.   Most of these are free activities and are being run by volunteers.

There will also be very lovely market stalls and food and drinks down on the ball court area. Emily and friends from Hands, Heart and Feet will join with high school to lead the Dragonfly Parade (now brought forward to  5:45pm).  The evening of music (now brought forward to 6:45pm) is a rich array of musicians in our school community and this event will be hosted by Pete Worboys and opened by Emily with a participatory dance.   The Dragonfly garden exhibition will also be a highlight with lots of  wonderful entries. There will be a blackboard session for acoustic buskers.


THANK YOU to those people who have responded to our call for    volunteers. We still need help with the parking in particular. 3 people in 1 hour spots are needed.  Looking after parking is imperative in being respectful of our neighbours. Families of the school are asked to park away and walk in as per fairs and open days in order to keep the limited parking available to visitors. We are expecting lots of visitors!

On the day, if you see something that needs to be done, it would be greatly appreciated if you pitch in or at least alert Sarah Daniel (who is the on the day coordinator) or a teacher. There will be a teacher on general supervision through the day (not the evening) but it is important we all as a community, look out for the well being and safety of all.


We will send a programme next week so that you can see the full scope of happenings and line ups for activities and music. Invite family and friends for a  GIANT of a DRAGONFLY FESTIVAL!!!!                     

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