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PELE ISLAND is mother to 4 villages. There is a rare peacefulness here, a sense of bounty in simplicity. The gardens and the ocean sustain the families. They are glad every day for the sun and rain that nourishes their lives in every aspect. They take time through the day to express their gratitude and renew their source of strength in communal prayer. There is island time, no hurry, no deadline, a flow and ebb. Tide in, tide out.

Cyclone Pam in 2014,  shocked the people, it put cracks in everything they have known. In 2016 they talk about it as part of broader cyclone impacting on their lives – climate change. They speak of adaptation: they have to garden differently now, consciously care for the oceans, restore the reef, build sea walls against rising sea levels, plant food trees and cut down only what is to be wisely used. What is intact is the vibrant sense of community and the people’s resilience in the face of struggle. They are used to struggle, life is basic and hard – “Struggle makes you Perfect”, is their school motto! Our experience of the Pele villagers was of bounty in simplicity, generosity and warmth unbounded.

In our days on Pele, we toured the island, saw the impact of the cyclone and listened to their stories of it. We saw the gardens where everyone in the community works daily for a few hours. We saw the new plantings of coconuts to replace those lost in the cyclone. We planted a coral garden as part of an effort to restore the reef, we gathered rocks to make a sea wall against erosion caused by rising tides.  We sang and prayed in church on Sunday and before every meal – we were blessed several times a day and by so many different people in the community. We played with the children, we visited the school (now mostly Unicef tents) and the kindy. We exchanged gifts and participated in simple but meaningful ceremony almost every day.  We were so thoroughly and generously welcomed by our hosts.

From the fundraising events, we made a gift to the community centre (also an evacuation shelter) and to the proposed Women’s craft centre (as a means of income for women).  Every one of us feels that we would be welcomed back with open arms to this beautiful community.

On Efate, we visited Pango village and built a water tank (paid for with our fundraising effort) for a mother and her children. We snorkeled on the lovely Hideaway Island where the friendliest fish in the world live. Our hearts and minds are brimful with an appreciation for bounty in simplicity, and for the resilience of people whose lives are hard every day and yet also permeated by a sense of belonging, beauty and community. Ironically, the very things we in the west are struggling to find.

The students were perfect! They were open and courageous. They were appreciative and playful. They supported each other. They were able to place themselves into the lives of another people, to consider their own relationship as privileged westerners to our pacific neighbours, and to reflect on the significance of a visit like this in the shaping of their own lives.



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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 7

Raising Children and Young People In A Hyper-Sexualised Society Wednesday 31/8, 7pm
Our children and young people are facing REAL ISSUES. Parents need answers. At a time where parents can feel overwhelmed and powerless to address issues such as sex, dating, relationships and pornography there is a huge amount parents can do. We aim to address the intimate questions that parents have while empowering them to be an influential presence in their children’s lives. Presented by YOURCHOICEZ This presentation is suitable for all families of the school. Childcare is available.

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Kindlehill Week 5 Term 3 Newsletter

Science Day Tuesday 16/8

As part of National Science week, we will have a morning     focussed on science for the whole school.  Guest science     presenters from our school community will be providing    workshops for the students. Workshops include solar energy, conservation of species, physics, human biology, nutrition and indigenous science.  This is a wonderful opportunity for       students to experience some of the diverse fields of science in our world in  a very local community context.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 3 Term 3


Kindy begins the term with stories of finding treasures in the  landscapes of our lives. Class ½ explore the imaginations that lie in the landscape of our mid mountains environment as well as the    history and   culture of place. Class ¾ delve into an artistic exploration of Ancient Egypt and what it can meet in the unfolding life of the 9/10 year old. Class 5/6 spend their first week at the Snow, followed by a lesson on The Dragon of the Pacific, experiencing something of the “otherness” of the Asian cultures. In high school, year 7/8 work with Romeo and Juliet and a study of contact and colonisation, comparing the Americas and Australia. Year 9/10 finalise preparations for their upcoming community service trip to Vanuatu, and they study Changing Rights and Freedoms        comparing the civil rights movement in the United States with that in Australia which was kicked off by the Freedom Rides.   Science in high school this term is  human physiology in year 7/8 and the physics of transport and communication in year 9/10.  In music, class 9/10 place finishing touches on film edits while 7/8 launch into Indian music.


WELCOME TO OUR JAPANESE STUDENTS                                                                               

A very warm welcome to our Japanese students who arrived yesterday. Also to their teacher, Mr Nishida. This week 6 families in the school host students visiting from Japan. We will have opportunities for sharing through the week. THURSDAY AT 11am, we will have a PEACE CEREMONY where we will have a brief but beautiful  commemoration of Hiroshima Day. This will be followed by a taste of Japanese food.  Children still need to bring their own lunch. We need to parents to help with the barbecue and preparation of food on Thursday, please let Lynn know if you can help.  Thank you to our host families for supporting this cultural exchange week and making our visitors feel welcome.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 1 Term 3

Welcome to a very exciting and rich winter to spring term. The waters were well and truly sweetened at our Winter’s Night and now we grow the impulses and seeds with the waxing light and warmth that is to come. There is such a lot happening across classes this term including highlights such as John’s class trip to the snow in week 1, two class plays, and the class 9/10 trip to Vaunutu.

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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 9 Term 2

       Winters Night Programme  – Friday 24TH June

5:30pm Children arrive and go direct to classes – change into       costumes. Parents welcome to enjoy a chai served by high school at the pizza oven.

6pm Performance begins with SINGING from the WINTERY WARM SINGERS  and lighting of the PEACE candle for Winter’ Night.

(We ask that parents come into the performance space 5 mins prior to the start in quietness and be mindful that it will be very cosy in there with the whole school community present.)

SCHOOL PLAY – Story, music and singing: A Winter K/Night’s Tale

(This incorporates beautiful songs and an orchestral rendering of    Water is Wide.)

Guitar piece and WINTER WARM SINGERS to see us into the night.

CHILDREN RETURN TO CLASSES – change into outside clothes and LIGHTING OF LANTERNS. This is the HANDOVER FROM     TEACHERS TO PARENTS! From this point, children need to stay with parents for SAFETY.


We encourage parents to PARK AT THE LAKE and WALK up to school (parking at school will be very  congested).

GO HOME and to bed by LANTERN LIGHT – a very special thing for the young children to clean teeth and ready for bed to the soft glow of    candle light.



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Kindlehill Newsletter Week 7 Term 2

Sweetening The Waters
The winter season is upon us and we are preparing for our very special whole school celebration of Winter’s Night (the longest night and shortest day of the year). On Friday evening of the 24th June, we gather as a school community for a feast of light and music, colour and story, singing and celebration.
This Winter’s Night we will tell the story of three “nights” (without the k) who go reluctantly from the balmy land of good time – summertime, into the whipping wildness of Old Man Winter’s Night. Their knightly quest is to find three things in order to renew the sun forces of their community.
They must find the outer and inner sun, the peace of the land and the cheer of community. Along the way, the three nights are transformed from their despondent and weary ways, into noble and fair knights, through the musical mysteries of the Sun Woman, Grandmother Country and the people of the Big Warm Heart. Lantern makers, winter singers, instrumentalists and storytellers from across the school will come together to present this Winter Night’s feast in honour of the sun, the land and the people. All school families are warmly welcome to join us for a festive evening.

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