Working bees are held four times a year, generally on the first Saturday, after the end of each term.

Working bees are an important part of contributing to the life of the school. Classrooms are thoroughly cleaned, small maintenance tasks are undertaken, and the school gardens and grounds enhanced and maintained.

The school highly values the volunteer time parents give to these days as well as the many other tasks and events through the year. It is an essential part of creating, maintaining and enlivening our school ethos of a shared community of parents, teachers and students working together for the good of the whole. These days are also lovely social days where school families get to know each other better while sharing in practical, supportive tasks for the school.


Working bees and similar events occur outside of school hours. The teachers are not on duty to supervise children as they too are volunteering time to do practical tasks that serve the classes and school as a whole.

Supervision of children at working bees is the responsibility of their parents.

We encourage parents to involve their children in the tasks they are doing where practical and at other times to be mindful that their children remain under their supervision.  At these events we also encourage parents to support each other in regard to supervision. If you see children out of bounds or doing something that concerns you, please speak directly with the children, the parents or with a teacher. School rules apply to the children for use of play areas and equipment. Children are not permitted in out of bounds areas such as the car park, below the ball court or in the wood stack. The Pod Swing and the Rodeo Board will be closed off on working days.