Kindy Garden Program

At Kindlehill, Kindy Garden is just that – a garden. Here, every opportunity is taken to provide a nourishing and nurturing environment where each and every child can grow and unfold. Our kindy days are permeated with the warmth and light from Father Sun, and a wealth of stories, songs, artistic and practical activities, unfold within the safe, protected embrace of Mother Earth. Needless to say, exploration, invention, wonder and joy are the order of the day for these tender young souls. This is nourishment that will provide the foundation for health and wellbeing throughout life.

In the Kindy Garden, the children learn to do the good, to meet the challenges and obstacles that life puts before us, to be kind and gentle toward others, to revere the natural world and live care-fully in relation to it. In the Kindy Garden, we learn to live with gratitude for all that is around and about us. Our aim then, is to support the whole being of the child (head, heart and hands) in becoming intelligent and perceptive – what a force this will be as each one finds his or her way through life.

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