Kindlehill after school care provides a nourishing and nurturing space for students at Kindlehill whose parents are unable to collect them at the completion of the school day.

The service is offered from 2:45pm to 5:45pm Monday to Friday in Kindlehill term time. We also offer an additional session from 12:00pm to 2:45pm Fridays, for students in the younger years whose school week finishes at noon on Friday.

After school care is held in the school library, which is a quiet warm space, connected to a full kitchen. There is plenty of outdoor space for free play.

The service offers a non-structured afternoon programme, with a selection of indoor or outdoor activities, including craft, reading, resting, cooking, indoor and outdoor games, socialising, and free play.

The children are offered a nourishing afternoon tea and plenty of opportunity to assist in the kitchen.

The facility operates according to the ethos of Kindlehill School.

The school requests parents commit to the service on a term by term basis, so the children can take comfort in a regular routine.

Contact or 0434 775 781

Enrolment forms for after school care are available from the office.