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Our History

Kindlehill was founded in 2000 with fiery enthusiasm by a small group of parents and teachers. They shared a common vision for an education that allowed children to grow strong, resourceful and resilient in our ever-changing and often stressful world. From humble beginnings, with a student body of only 17, Kindlehill has blossomed into a school of more than 100 students.

In 2010 we purchased land, upgraded and renovated the old building, and built a new kindy garden and performance hall.

In 2011 following a Welcome To Country by Aunty Carol Cooper, the new kindy garden and performance hall were opened.

In 2012 the High School was launched with classes from year 7 to 10.

In 2013, we welcomed our first Japanese exchange students to the school, hosted by Kindlehill families and joining us in shared cultural experiences from Kindy to high school.

In 2014, our first Year 10 graduates were celebrated as they departed for their next life adventure.

In 2015 we completed building our education centre, including library, shared kitchen, tutorial rooms and sound proof music and break out rooms.

In 2016 we welcomed our first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarship students to the school and commenced our after school care service.

In 2017, we advanced the IT room for high school, purchasing Apple MACs for all students and setting up a secure network and server.

In 2018, works will commence on a new high school classroom, breakout rooms, dedicated art room, science room and hard craft/woodworking space.

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