Kindlehill Building Fund

Kindlehill has achieved success in alternative building methods that reflect the Steiner school philosophy of unfolding nature of children as they move through the three main stages of their lives, will, heart and mind. The school has been built by and for community.

The performance space, classrooms and surrounding grounds have benefited from the will, heart and minds of community. By working together we will continue to provide a space for the education of children and young people in the Blue Mountains. A contribution to the building funds is a contribution to the education of future generations.

The Performance Space

Opened in 2011 the Performance Space is the ‘heart and soul’ of Kindlehill School and is home to music, drama, dance, eurythmy, concerts, performances, and school gatherings.

When not in use by the School, the Performance Space is also a much-loved community resource, utilised by local cultural, recreational and other organisations who appreciate the unique architecture, the excellent acoustics and the beautiful bush setting.

Performance is an essential part of the learning process in drama and the proposed improvements would allow us to expand what we can offer students.

Stage 1 Upgrade

The Stage 1 upgrade of the Performance Space involves:

  • Replacement of existing stage and entrance drapes (cost $2,000)
  • New blackout drapes behind the stage, to enable daytime performances and enhance evening performances ($4,000)
  • Replacement of 4 stage spotlights (cost $2,000)
  • Purchase and installation of ceiling speakers and microphones ($7,000)
  • New digital audio mixing desk ($3,000)
  • Recording booth and equipment ($5,000)
  • Painting and repairs ($2,000)

TOTAL COST: $25,000

Current Funding Levels

Note: Figures are updated weekly.

Stage 1 Funding Level
Stage 2 Funding Level

We need your help!

Kindlehill has received a NSW State Government Community Building Grant of $10,000 towards Stage 1 of the Performance Space Upgrade. We acknowledge and thank the NSW State Government for its support. These funds have already been committed to the replacement of the stage and entrance drapes, new blackout drapes and audio-visual equipment.

But, to complete Stage 1 of the upgrade, and to plan for Stage 2 of the Upgrade, we need your help!


Kindlehill is seeking donations – however, large or small – to the Kindlehill Building Fund. To donate, use the bank account details adjacent or contact the School Office.

The Kindlehill Building Fund is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations of $2 or more are fully tax-deductible.

All donations to the Kindlehill Building Fund will be used exclusively by the School for the purpose of the Performance Space Upgrade – Stages 1 and 2.

What our teachers, tutors and users say:

I can vouch for the beauty of this space for intimate performances. The venue does have its limitations, however. The addition of blackout drapes, an enhanced audio system and user-friendly lighting would elevate the Performance Space to a professional concert venue, which the upper Blue Mountains is sorely lacking.

…whilst the venue itself is exceptional, it is in dire need of a number of improvements, in particular, the addition of a high standard piano and sound system. There are also a number of improvements in regard to the visual aspect of the hall which would greatly assist the quality of performances, such as improved lighting management.

The architecturally designed windows are in need of professionally fitted sound drapes to support their unique character. Performances often take place in the evening and in the summer months light can spill into the space without any permanent fixture.

Whilst an architecturally exceptional and world class acoustic environment for unamplified performances, the space lacks an in-house P.A. system meaning hirers must hire or otherwise organise their own sound system. The installation of a modest but high-quality in-house system would greatly enhance the accessibility and utility of the venue and provide increased opportunities for access to a wider range of potential uses and users.