Winter 2015 High School Happenings


“In the world we are all butterflies and we need to be mindful of what happens when we flap our wings.” David Suzuki

Interwoven, interconnected, inter-related, interbeing; everything is connected to something else.  Connection is our overarching theme for the term in high school and each subject is a lens to exploration of this. In Geography, we study water as central to the web of life physically, socially, culturally and spiritually. In English, the focus is Social Media, another form of connection with its positives and pitfalls. In Astronomy, we connect to the cosmic rhythms of stars and planets, and the inter-relationship between these and our human activity. In music and drama, the students are devising and composing for a musical theatre spectacular which will be performed in term 4, exploring the all important elements of relationships between people as well as the powers of music and speech in creative self-expression.


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