Summer 2016 High School Happenings

From a Steiner perspective, one could say the task of the kindergarten child is to experience oneself in love, for the primary school child to be guided by love into a love of the world, and for the young person in high school; to awaken love within oneself toward humanity and the world around them. These three stages represent a cycling of love, first placed around the child, then nurtured within to form a vessel in the primary years, and in the teenage years, supporting its unique blossoming and unfolding into the world through the individual.

In a Steiner high school, the curriculum is supportive of this underlying task of the high school years as the following glimpse into High School Happenings this term will illustrate. The students in manifold ways are supported to find their individual orientation in life, their capacity to imbue their lives into the future with meaning. This is the fundamental task of education in high school.

HIGH SCHOOL HAPPENINGS IS PUT TOGETHER EACH TERM for parents and friends of the school to gain an inkling of the rich and diverse programme for the high school term.

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