High School Artwork

Kindlehill High School has created Blank to express their creativity and individuality. Every student has created something unique and meaningful. They started with a run-down corridor which they had to paint and nail together to create this wonderful art gallery.

At the beginning of the term, the class went to an exhibition called ‘We Don’t Need A Map’ at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. It was created by many different indigenous people from Martu Country in Western Australia. After their visit they were inspired to create masterpieces.

Some examples…

The Artist: Ella Brennan
Ella Brennan has created baskets that represent Lake Percival and Lake Disappointment, two salt lakes in Martu
country. These lakes are also a key element in the movie The Rabbit-Proof Fence. She has weaved these baskets using raffia (grass) and rope. One of the baskets has red, orange, pink and brown raffia entwined with the rope and the other basket has a selection of blues (as shown below).
Ella was inspired by the aerial photos of the lakes and local desert of the Martu people. Ella has been surrounded by creative people her whole life and this has influenced her to produce artwork that is meaningful, practical and beautiful to look at.

The Artist: Olivana Reichel

Olivana Reichel has crafted her own jewellery out of copper and brass. She has created two pairs of earrings and two bangles, all with an elegant and stylish look. The earrings are into the shapes of leaves and have a natural feel to them.
Olivana was inspired by Karlamilyi which is evident in the way the jewellery is not perfect or completely smooth and rounded. That feeling of rawness creates the lovely atmosphere of hand made, natural jewellery. These pieces of jewellery are not only art pieces, but are also beautiful accessories.