Kindlehill has been awarded a Gold Rating with Low Carbon Living Blue Mountains.

In March 2018, Kindlehill received a High Achievement award for our contribution to low carbon living – for “successfully embedding a low carbon ethos in the fabric of the school”

Kindlehill receives Low Carbon High Achievement Award

Low Carbon Living launched as a national initiative in March 2018.

“Kindlehill is an exemplar of sustainable practice that is embedded both in the fabric of the buildings but also in the philosophy and practices of the school. This includes the use of low embodied and recycled materials in the construction of the school, extensive re-use and recycling and extensive onsite edible production”

Converting to green power

Kindlehill has signed our electricity over to Powershop, carbon neutral provider of electricity to NSW and VIC.  We are now actively contributing to renewable energy sources, and have the ability to track our usage daily and identify areas where we want to conserve energy. We can also opt to purchase green power on a month by month basis. This, combined with our solar power production, is a key step in reducing our carbon footprint.

Powershop offset 100% of the carbon associated with their operations, and customers’ electricity usage, at no extra cost to the customer.

Parent company – Meridian Energy Australia – owns and operates 100% renewable generation and are invested in developing even more renewable generation in Australia.

Powershop support community energy projects and have raised over $305,000 for building community energy projects.

See The Green Electricity Guide for information on how to change your footprint.