The School is organised in such a way that the College of Teachers is pivotal. Why? Because, for every issue, the first and foremost question that must be asked is: “What is the best thing for the children and young people?”
The School works out of the understanding of the development of the child/human being as given by Rudolf Steiner. This has proven a deep and rich well of practical wisdom, and the teachers are committed to continually developing this understanding. Central to the activity of the College of Teachers is reflection upon the children and young people in the school, what is happening in each of the classes and for every individual student. The teachers spend time together, talking about the students, and so each teacher has knowledge of each child and young person in the school, or endeavours to.
There is also an ongoing dialogue with parents as issues arise, so the School is in a continual dynamic of changing/refreshing/renewing; and through all of this, the pivotal point is this understanding of the developing children and young people in our care.
We like to deal with issues through relationship. If there is an issue regarding your child, then the best person to speak with is the class teacher. In high school, speak first to the high school coordinator. Every issue is an opportunity. When the parent and teacher come together in mutual respect, then there are positive outcomes. We have a communications protocol, which details this approach. We also have a dispute resolution process for times when things fall out. There is always a positive path for resolution. We like to think that the “relational way” models for our students, how a sometimes difficult issue can be dealt with productively. We also think this is a good indication of living community.

The College of Teachers reports to the Board. There are currently six Board members. These are John Daniel, Lynn Daniel, Pippita Bennett, Sarah Mann, Steve Grieve and Murray Hopkins. At least 50% of the Board members must be College members (currently three), ensuring that the philosophy of the School is always central in decision making. Murray brings extensive experience in Steiner school administration and is skilled in communication processes. Steve Grieve is a parent in the school with a background in music teaching, composing and performing. Sarah Mann is a parent at the school, with experience as a classroom assistant, and ongoing study in anthroposophical medicine and naturopathic medicine.
The Board has statutory obligations, and it has responsibility for watching over the big issues of the School, and ensuring that the School fulfils its mandate. Board members (unless their ‘other job’ requires it) do not get involved in the day to day activity of the school, so that they can perform the role of ‘wise and cool heads’. A few examples: the Board was intimately involved in all of the decisions relating to the purchase of the School property; meets quarterly to review finances, budgets, and ensure that statutory obligations are being met; and makes decisions in regard to large or contentious issues in the School.

The College of Teachers is comprised of all of the full time teachers, and representatives from high school. The College has executive responsibility, i.e. they run the School collegially. Each teacher has mandates that they oversee and bring expertise to.
Simone, as Business Manager, and other office staff including Rebecca and Susan, provide administrative support to the College in fulfilling these mandates. Other teachers in the school consult with the College through regular meetings, in regard to implementation of educational goals, programmes and practices.
The College sets the direction and vision of the school, long term and short term. It works with the Board, all the teachers, staff and the parent community in regard to this.
The College of Teachers is comprised of:

LYNN: Principal; Coordination of pedagogical matters;
• High School Coordinator
• NESA, registration, policy development and review, curriculum review and development
• Enrolments
• Communication; complaints and grievances
• Teacher Development and Performance

KIRSTY: Teacher Kindergarten
• Kindy environment
• Early childhood
• Animal Welfare
• Playgroup Liaison

ERICA: Teacher class 1-2
• Literacy coordinator
• Child protection

SHAILA: Teacher class 3-4
• Gardens and bees
• Music programme coordinator, primary school
• Autumn Fair Coordinator
• PDHPE Coordinator

PIPPITA: Teacher Class 5-6
• Work Health Safety Committee College representative
• Artwork for school representation
• Sustainability
• College contact for Craft Group

ADAM: Eurythmy Teacher and High School Art Teacher

Simone Glassford is the Business Manager and oversees the following.
• School finances, setting and achieving budgets, capital budgets and works, all non-teaching compliance and reporting requirements, all WHS matters, maintenance and improvements, all administration, purchasing and accounts, all employment conditions, all fees and fee relief.
• All non-teaching employees and contractors report to Simone.
• Simone is the work, health and safety officer

The Administration Assistant (Rebecca Cornish & Susan Brophy) are responsible for:
• Day to day operation of the front desk – answering phones, coordinating parent enquiries, and assisting children as needed.
• Coordination of fee direct debit schedules; Ordering and storage of all class and non-class materials and supplies; Coordinating the release of school reports for teachers; Maintaining all common areas and storage spaces; Assisting in coordination of fairs and camps; Allocation of maintenance items, and coordination of schedules for maintenance works; Bookings for all school spaces; Bus maintenance and registration; Updates to the school web site and preparation of the fortnightly newsletter.
• Coordination of all performance space bookings.
• Administrative support to the Principal and Business Manager.
General Items:
Account related items and invoices:
Administration is open 8:30am to 3:30pm daily in term time, and for the first and last week of each school holidays.

Murray Hopkins provides systems development and specialist advice to support the school’s business management. He has extensive experience in Steiner school management and operations and provides ongoing improvements to the daily operation of the school. Murray is a member of the school’s Finance Committee and is a Kindlehill Director.

Kaydee Farley and Kylie King are the school’s bookkeepers. Our bookkeeping is completed weekly on a Friday in the school office. The bookkeeper manages payroll and superannuation, reconciles school accounts and provides BAS, end of quarter, and end of year specialist bookkeeping services.
Any invoices and account queries should be sent to

Adam Alcorn: Eurythmy and art teacher
Amy Jenkin: Class assistant and library coordinator; specialist craft tutor
Bronwyn Kirkpatrick: Clarinet and shakuhachi tutor
Elizabeth Cooney: Violin teacher
Jade Tinkler-Smith: Flute tutor
Jess Miller: Kindy assistant
Jo Clancy: Dance teacher
Libby Gahl: Literacy support teacher
Miranda Earle: After school care ‘responsible person’
Nicole Kelly: Class assistant
Sarah Mann: Kindy assistant
Sayoko Yanai: Japanese teacher
Steve Fleishmann: Class gardening
Steve Grieve: Guitar teacher
Sue Totterdell: Class assistant, ukulele and singing tutor
Susan Brophy: Playgroup coordinator.

Adam Alcorn: Eurythmy and art
David Bowden: Science
Georgia Adamson: Drama
Lynn Daniel: Geography, history and personal development
Rowley Holmes: Music
Sarah Daniel: Creative arts
Sayoko Yanai: Japanese
Sharon McCarthy: Mathematics
Stephanie Dawes: English and tech
Lynn Daniel is the high school coordinator.

The school WHS committee consists of Simone Glassford (WHS Officer), Pippita Bennett (WHS College Representative), and Jamie Brennan (WHS Advisor). Jamie has provided long term volunteer support and professional advice on WHS matters and legislation to the committee.
All parents and staff have a duty of care to reduce or remove hazards at the school, and on excursions and camps.
You may raise comments or concerns directly with your teacher, or with Simone.
Simone manages WHS communication to the WHS Committee and College.

The Finance Committee is a Board sub-committee. John Daniel is the Chairperson of this committee, and Murray Hopkins and Simone Glassford are committee members. The committee works on all the school’s finance related items, and adheres to a clear mandate overseeing the financial position of the school currently and into the future. The finance committee meets monthly, and more regularly during the annual budget preparation period.

Class coordinators provide valuable support to the teachers by liaising with parents about class related activities and news. Often teachers do not have time to manage all parent communication, and the class representatives assist as needed. Such duties include initial coordination of fairs and open days, organising meals for camps, performances and celebrations, managing cleaning rosters for the class and welcoming new parents.
Class 1-2: Amy Jenkin 0431 463 026
Class 3-4: Sean & Simone Glassford 0408 282 148
Class 5-6: Nicole Kelly 0420 722 740

AFTER SCHOOL CARE: Miranda Earle is the Responsible Person for Kindlehill after school care. After school care operates 2:45pm to 5:45pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, in Kindlehill term time. Miranda prepares a nourishing afternoon tea, and provides beautiful craft materials (and expertise) – students can enjoy free play, quiet reading or drawing. The service is set up with Child Care Benefit and Child Care rebate for eligible families. Casual bookings and changes to bookings are required by 11am on each day of operation.
Contact: 0434 775 781

PLAYGROUP: Susan Brophy is the playgroup coordinator and runs playgroup two mornings per week (in the room next to Kindy). Playgroup involves morning circle, stories, bread-making and singing, as well as free play. This is a great way for parents of younger children to socialise with other parents, as well as being a wonderfully nourishing experience for the little ones.
Susan Brophy: 0414 255 761

CRAFT GROUP: Sarah Daniel and Rebecca Cornish coordinate our craft group. Our craft group is open to all parents. The group meet regularly during term and notifications regarding meetings are issues in the fortnightly newsletter. Children are welcome, and bring morning tea to share if possible. All materials are supplied and experience is not necessary, but a willingness to learn is great!
The craft group works towards making craft for the Fairs and Open days throughout the year. Craft sales are one of our main sources of fundraising. Craft is also available for sale in the office.

GARDENING: S’haila is our dedicated and diligent garden coordinator, and welcomes friends, and new faces to help with gardening. In term 1, Sarah and Sally are meeting on Tuesday mornings to support the school’s gardens. Other volunteers welcome!
Kirsty and Jess manage the Kindy Garden and also welcome parent helpers.
Steve Fleishmann works with the children to care for our productive gardens and compost. Sean Glassford maintains the larger external areas, including the lawn, mulched areas, and weed management.

MAINTENANCE: The school’s maintenance requirements are serviced by Steve Grieve (carpentry and building maintenance), Sean Glassford (cleaning of common areas, lawns, school grounds), Sue Totterdell (cleaning of performance space), and Steve Appel (maintenance of render and building “finishes”).
Allocation of maintenance jobs is managed by the office, in conjunction with Steve Grieve who has a broader view of the overall maintenance and building needs, and manages liaison with contractors. Maintenance issues should be reported to the office not direct to our maintenance team.
Specialist tradespeople, builders, and carpenters are consulted and used as needed on larger projects.
Parent volunteers provide support by cleaning classrooms, the performance space, and music room, as well as sweeping, and regular washing of hand and tea towels.

CAPITAL WORKS/CONSTRUCTION: The school’s master building plan is prepared and managed by Jamie Brennan in regular consultation with Simone, College and The Board. The school will be commencing the building of new classroom spaces and a dedicated art room in May 2018. The progress of this will be communicated via the fortnightly newsletter. Please direct any questions to Simone.

EVENTS AND FUNDRAISING: We are fortunate to have a number of parents who selflessly jump in to coordinate fairs, open days, stalls, and other fundraising events. We are always in need of parents to share the load of coordinating these events. Requests for assistance are sent out via Class Coordinators throughout the school year. The Autumn Fair is held in May, and the Spring Open Day is held in October each year.
Class 3 parents manage the running of the Autumn Fair and Spring Open Day each year. Class 3 parents actively participate in planning and implementation of the events. It is expected that all class 3 parents participate, and other classes are called in to help as needed.

These are advertised in the newsletter and on posters throughout the school, but you are welcome to pass on expressions of interest to Lynn or Kirsty.

Our performance space hosts schedule weekly activities and ad-hoc events for Kindlehill and the greater community. Event posters are displayed at the entrance to the performance space, and details are also provided on our web site and in our fortnightly newsletter.
The performance space may also be hired for use by parents for community activity, pending availability. The Administration Assistant manages all performance space bookings. All bookings are reviewed to ensure they work within the ethos of Kindlehill.