Class 1/2 Play

All of class 1/2’s hard work paid off with a lovely play on Friday. Parents and families were taken on journey through the seasons where students spoke verses, sang songs, danced and performed a recorder piece.

Click the links below for some short videos of the play:


Kindlehill hosted it’s first ever Summer Soiree. It was a great success and a wonderful way for the community to celebrate the primary school children’s achievements from throughout the year.  The Summer Soiree was a joyous event that showcased the high standard of skills the children have developed in many fields over the past year. It was a wonderful way for the community to come together and acknowledge the hard work of the students and teachers.

Click the link below to view some videos from the Soiree:

Interschool Music Festival

On Thursday, Kindlehill hosted the Interschool Music Festival. Primary school students from Kindlehill, along with the Blue Mountains Grammar School, St Thomas Aquinas from Springwood, St Canices from Katoomba and Our Lady of the Nativity from Lawson, came together to create a memorable musical festival. Over 100 students and parents came to experience each school’s musical ensemble and the coming together of all schools to perform uplifting, combined choral and orchestra pieces. The festival was a great opportunity for the students to experience being a part of a large orchestra, seeing what children from other schools are learning, and meeting children from other schools. The festival was a resounding success and will the first of an annual event. Please click the link below to view a video of the rehearsal:

To see the article in the Blue Mountains Gazette click here:

Class 3/4 proudly presents………Rubi Con and the River of No Return

Rubi Con, a typical nine year old student, is about to go on the life changing adventure of a childhood. With Sun and Dial guiding his/her way, Rubi journeys through different epochs to solve various riddles and puzzles s/he discovers the importance of noble friends, making good dreaming, choosing the right choices, eating apples and having a laugh! The lands and peoples s/he meets include the smiling Children of the Sun from Ancient Persia, Manu Moon Man and his animal filled ship, the higher grounds of the Nordic Gods, the Roamin Numerals in their prime, and of course his/her friends from school. Come and enjoy the song and dance, music and movement, jokes and puns while gazing upon the gloriousness that is Class ¾.