High School Happenings Autumn, 2016


HIGH SCHOOL HAPPENINGS IS PUT TOGETHER EACH TERM for parents and friends of the school to gain an inkling of the rich and diverse programme for the high school term.



The Renaissance brings a new age of freedom; the freedom of thought in understanding the phenomena of the natural world, the importance of art and beauty, and of human achievements in all areas of life. These are studied as a background to the students own awakening faculties of thought, their growing independence and an appreciation of the power of an individual to shape his or her own destiny. In this way, young people are supported to look into their own complex times with optimism and a sense that they too can forge their place in the world, and be agents of creativity and change.



The​ French​ Revolution,​ the​ American​ War​ of​ Independence​ and​ the​ Industrial​ Revolution, provide the fertile soil for the rise and implementation of the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity.​

Students ​ investigate​ a​ kaleidoscope​ of​ events​,​ personalities​,​ ideas and​ influences,​ ​ that​ illustrate​ these​ turbulent​ times​ in​ history​ and​ their​ impact​ on​ the​ modern​ age​  through​ to​ contemporary​  times.​ The​ key​ ideals​  of the French Revolution – ​ liberty,​ equality​ and​ fraternity,​ are​ traced​ as​ patterns and processes behind historical happenings​ across​ continents,​ engaging​ the​ students​ with​ questions​ and​ concepts​ to​ understand​ and​ mee​t the​ challenges​ of​ our​ own​ changing​ times.​ The conditions that led to the Industrial Revolution in Britain and its global impact are also studied.​​​


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Summer 2016 High School Happenings

From a Steiner perspective, one could say the task of the kindergarten child is to experience oneself in love, for the primary school child to be guided by love into a love of the world, and for the young person in high school; to awaken love within oneself toward humanity and the world around them. These three stages represent a cycling of love, first placed around the child, then nurtured within to form a vessel in the primary years, and in the teenage years, supporting its unique blossoming and unfolding into the world through the individual.

In a Steiner high school, the curriculum is supportive of this underlying task of the high school years as the following glimpse into High School Happenings this term will illustrate. The students in manifold ways are supported to find their individual orientation in life, their capacity to imbue their lives into the future with meaning. This is the fundamental task of education in high school.

HIGH SCHOOL HAPPENINGS IS PUT TOGETHER EACH TERM for parents and friends of the school to gain an inkling of the rich and diverse programme for the high school term.

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Spring 2015 High School Happenings


Greetings! This term, the big focus in high school is on the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and preparations for the BIG TRIP to an island that is part of the

Great Barrier Reef.



FRIDAY 13 November 7pm

SATURDAY 14 November 2pm



Five teenagers find themselves stranded for summer in a caravan park in the middle of nowhere. Frustrated curiosity leads the teens to discover the contents of a box.

Powerful forces beyond their control reveal an exciting story about love, loss and alien karaoke! Is singing your heart out enough to save the music on planet Earth?

Hold on tight, reverse your polarity and get ready to be propelled through a star-dust love- struck sing-along adventure.

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Winter 2015 High School Happenings


“In the world we are all butterflies and we need to be mindful of what happens when we flap our wings.” David Suzuki

Interwoven, interconnected, inter-related, interbeing; everything is connected to something else.  Connection is our overarching theme for the term in high school and each subject is a lens to exploration of this. In Geography, we study water as central to the web of life physically, socially, culturally and spiritually. In English, the focus is Social Media, another form of connection with its positives and pitfalls. In Astronomy, we connect to the cosmic rhythms of stars and planets, and the inter-relationship between these and our human activity. In music and drama, the students are devising and composing for a musical theatre spectacular which will be performed in term 4, exploring the all important elements of relationships between people as well as the powers of music and speech in creative self-expression.


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High School Student Reflections

Education in the High School at Kindlehill can be likened to the bridge – a rite of passage from childhood through adolescence to adulthood

Here is what the students say about their high school experiences at Kindlehill……..


What Kindlehill is for me?

“Kindlehill has meant that I love to learn.”

“Finding myself and teaching me about life.”

“A safe and loving, homelike environment in which to learn amongst friends.”

“Everyone gets a say and we can have disagreements for debates which is good training for studying law. Your ideas get challenged.”

“No uniforms! Yay.”

“Amazing experiences, beautiful environment.”

“It nurtures my opinions and learning.”

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Autumn 2015 High School Happenings

In English this term we are studying Break of Day by Tony Palmer, with the option for some students to extend their study to other texts with themes relating to war time. We will also do a film study of Peter Weir’s Gallipoli. The emphasis will be on using examples from the text when reflecting on reading or viewing, referencing according to convention and becoming familiar with the metalanguage used to described literary and film techniques. An assessment task with many options will provide evidence of learning and reflection.

In Art we will be using a range of drawing and painting techniques to reflect the world of nature around us. We will study the work of local artist, Leanne Tobin, and create works that show the interrelationships between plant and animal species native to our area. We have also entered the Waste to Art Exhibition at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.



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