High School Happenings

From a Steiner perspective, one could say the task of the kindergarten child is to experience oneself living in and surrounded by love. For the primary school child, it is to be guided by love into a love of the world. For the young person in high school; it is to awaken love within oneself toward humanity and the world around them. It’s a beautiful picture of what is first placed around the child(outer to inner), then nurtured  within to form a vessel, and then in the teenage years, love is  supported in its unique  blossoming  and unfolding into the world (inner to outer) .

In a Steiner high school, the curriculum is supportive of this underlying task of the high school years as the following  glimpse into high school happenings this term will illustrate.

The students in manifold ways are supported to find their individual orientation in life, their capacity to imbue their lives into the future with meaning, to go into the world as Lovers.

  • Pathways year 7/8:  The students have accepted an invitation to speak on the radio about what they are doing in this course. It is connected to the Geography lesson, One World: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, where they go out into our community to meet and engage with the people who are striving to live and work in ways that are enriching and sustainable for all. They will start with a visit to the Katoomba Community Gardens to learn about permaculture and food growing as a community. Students are organising all contacts and excursions and speakers themselves, following their own interests.
  • Year 9/10 in Practical Science, are constructing a listening ear to tune into radiowaves;  then they will make their own crystal radio set. They are also studying the forces that shape the earth in Geology.
  • Year 7/8 in Forces and Motion; are exploring effort and movement, first in relation to their own bodies and then in the wider world. They are also exploring the insides of the computer – just how do computers work?
  • In the History of Revolutions, year 9/10 is examining the seeds of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, sown in the lead up to the French Revolution, which are the basis of every modern democracy. We are also looking at what rights and freedoms are still in need of being protected and cultivated in our society today.
  • The theme of Revolution also carries over into Art and Music, the study of revolutionary art and the study of protest music. In 9/10 Art they are linking the paintings of the French Revolution with photography and re-creating those paintings as staged photographs, enabling a study of photographic techniques and the visual language of image-making.
  • In English and Drama both classes are studying literature that enables the students to explore their inner lives. In 7/8 English they are studying ‘Eleanor Elizabeth’, a great novel about a teenage girl who reluctantly moves to the country and makes a connection with her grandmother. The students have been asked not to read ahead and it’s killing them!  In 9/10 English they are studying the dark and disturbing Lord of the Flies, with the aim of writing a brilliant exploratory formal essay as assessment, followed by the study of some of the great literature of revolution.
  • In PDHPE, we have kayaks and cooperation with Keiron, culminating in a self-sufficient river journey in week 6, in Kangaroo Valley.
  • In textiles, year 9/10 are refashioning with Rosie. How to make cool and individualized clothing from pre-loved stuff.
  • Movement – so fundamental to the life of young people is being enthusiastically embraced, both classes working together in eurythmy with Adam and in creative dance with Jo Clancy.
  • In Maths, Sharon is reviewing and building on skills and capacities, including “problem solving”- definitely a life skill.
  • Class 6/7 are preparing  artworks (jewelry, sculpture and wearable art) to exhibit in the Waste to Art exhibition at the Cultural Centre
  • We are also starting a band with the whole highschool. Students have come up with a name, a set list and we are learning our first few songs. If anyone has an electric bass guitar and amp they would be willing to lend to the school for the term, please let Zeb know. It will be carefully looked after!
  • ….and this week they met Sayoka to learn Japanese


On behalf of high school, Lynn

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