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Kindlehill Newsletter – Science Expo August 2015

  Kindlehill Science Expo Science on Tuesday 18TH August On Tuesday 18th August, as part of National Science Week, we host our very own SCIENCE EXPO, with scientists from the  school      community (parents and grandparents) bringing workshops in their field of expertise to our students. We have a broad range of science encounters offered from […]

Wayfarers Visit Wednesday 5th August – Sunday 9th

Wayfarers Visit Wednesday 5th August – Sunday 9th We are very excited to be co hosting with Blue Mountains Steiner, a 95 person choir (young people and adults from Japan, China, Taiwan, United States and Australia) led by Judy Clingan. There will be singing workshops for students. Programme for Wayfarers WEDNESDAY 5th August  SINGING WORKSHOP […]

Newsletter Monday 13th July

A warm welcome back to the new term. Prior to school return, the teachers meet to share programmes of work for the new term. We also do eurythmy together – this is an integral part of the artistic work that deepens our   collective work of nourishing and strengthening the kindling light and warmth of the […]

Monday 15th Newsletter

RECLAIMING THE LIVING ROOM: SCREEN FREE WEEK As Winter’s Night approaches, we invite families to participate in a screen free week. This is  not about prohibiting or demonizing    technology; it is an opportunity to take fresh stock of its use and  impact on our family lives – to consciously place social warmth at the centre […]

Monday 1st June Newsletter

At this time of year we swing into across the school preparations for Winter’s Night: Singing, music, dance around the winter hearth,  magically woven through the  lessons of the day. There will also be the usual candle making and lantern making. This year, we are   planning an orchestral spectacular of The Shining, arranged by Paul […]

Newsletter Monday 18th May

THE DRAGONFLY FAIR What an amazing day! Time out from the busyness of our lives and the complexity of our world and times, to appreciate and celebrate the simple things; generosity, beauty, feast and fun, creativity and plain hard work, as well as the special place in all of our hearts that is  reverence for […]

Newsletter Monday 4th May

Autumn has arrived with a chill and a drench! How much more we appreciate the sunny days in between. This week the preparation for the Autumn Fair gets underway with serious work from Annie, Pete, class 2/3 and the various coordinators. I encourage you to help where you can and to spread the word about […]

Newsletter 20th April 2015

A warm welcome back to school and the bounty of learning that is planned for this term. We begin the term with science and art projects throughout the school including museum in a box, stream watch and bio-blitz at the lake, and the continuation of the seasonal and dragonfly art projects with Leanne and Amy. […]