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Kindlehill Week 5 Term 3 Newsletter

Science Day Tuesday 16/8 As part of National Science week, we will have a morning     focussed on science for the whole school.  Guest science     presenters from our school community will be providing    workshops for the students. Workshops include solar energy, conservation of species, physics, human biology, nutrition and indigenous science.  This is a wonderful opportunity […]

Kindlehill Newsletter Week 3 Term 3

AROUND THE CLASSES Kindy begins the term with stories of finding treasures in the  landscapes of our lives. Class ½ explore the imaginations that lie in the landscape of our mid mountains environment as well as the    history and   culture of place. Class ¾ delve into an artistic exploration of Ancient Egypt and what it […]

Kindlehill Newsletter Week 1 Term 3

Welcome to a very exciting and rich winter to spring term. The waters were well and truly sweetened at our Winter’s Night and now we grow the impulses and seeds with the waxing light and warmth that is to come. There is such a lot happening across classes this term including highlights such as John’s […]

Kindlehill Newsletter Week 9 Term 2

       Winters Night Programme  – Friday 24TH June 5:30pm Children arrive and go direct to classes – change into       costumes. Parents welcome to enjoy a chai served by high school at the pizza oven. 6pm Performance begins with SINGING from the WINTERY WARM SINGERS  and lighting of the PEACE candle for Winter’ Night. (We ask […]

Kindlehill Newsletter Week 7 Term 2

Sweetening The Waters The winter season is upon us and we are preparing for our very special whole school celebration of Winter’s Night (the longest night and shortest day of the year). On Friday evening of the 24th June, we gather as a school community for a feast of light and music, colour and story, […]

Kindlehill Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

    Lee Trew – Wild Time: An Exciting Presentation For Parents On A Very Relevant Theme Wednesday15tH June  7pm – 9pm . Psychotherapist and bushcraft teacher Lee Trew, requests your presence for a journey of exploration – looking beneath the surface of our culture, our       relationship to our environment and our experience of who we […]

High School Happenings Autumn, 2016

  HIGH SCHOOL HAPPENINGS IS PUT TOGETHER EACH TERM for parents and friends of the school to gain an inkling of the rich and diverse programme for the high school term. HISTORY Year 7/8 THE RENAISSANCE The Renaissance brings a new age of freedom; the freedom of thought in understanding the phenomena of the natural […]

Kindlehill Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

FAIR DAY – Sweetening The Waters Fair preparations for a beautiful family day are well underway. We encourage every family in the school to join in making this a living expression of Kindlehill community spirit. For many a parent presently in our school, coming to a fair and experiencing the beauty and community of the […]